Books: Clunkers and Charms


Lest you get the idea that all the books I read are great. Here are a few of the clunkers, that for whatever reason, the bookmark is stuck:

Last Update: July 5, 2017

Full Black” by Brad Thor

full black and blaze

Harvath is a sexist pig and the conservative ideas espoused throughout this book of governing by selfish, hateful, thuggish means hits too close to home in 2017 with the personification of such stupidity in the White House.  Bookmark is planted at page 340. Update 8/7/2019: I moved on to “Black List” so far it is MUCH better.

“Amazonia” by James Rollins


I love James Rollins!  However, “Amazonia” is tedious, and bloated, to the extreme. I found myself looking ahead to see when the latest weird animal attack would end……many many pages from now……arrrghh.  After three or four excruciatingly detailed  attacks, I decided to stick the bookmark at page 360 (of 595) and called it a day.  August 20, 2016

“Spy Catcher” by Peter Wright

Reading this autobiography, you would think he was responsible for everything right (Wright) in this world. Bookmark on page 191. I swore off non-fiction thanks in large part to this book.

“Enemy Within” by Robert K. Tannenbaum

Cops and Robbers. I got bored. I may try it one more time, because I understand Tannenbaum is a very good author. Bookmark on page 182.

“Hawke” by Ted Bell

I loved the premise (spies, killing, and murder) and the story location (Caribbean), and a great recommendation from one of my all time favorites: Clive Cussler. Dialogue like: “Will you get me something yummy” permeates the book….I could not take it anymore. Bookmark on page 220. See, I tried to like it.

“Executive Orders” by Tom Clancy

Wow…one of my original favorite authors. Surprised the heck out of me when reading this book became a JOB! 1358 pages long in paperback…I just could not see myself slogging through the book for that long. Bookmark stuck at 540…less than halfway thru! I tried. By the way, I have not read Clancy since.

“Deep Black” by Stephen Coonts and Jim DeFelice

I actually made it through this one, but skimmed the last 50 or 100 pages. Very repetitive and could have been shorter. I was surprised again since Coonts is a great author and one of my favorites. I’m not giving up…I have another one in this “series” in the queue.


There are a lot more good books than bad, here a few great books I read before I started this blog:

“Dracula” by Bram Stoker

A classic in every sense of the word. 5 Water Towers

“Simeon Chamber” and “The List” by Steve Martini

Great books! 4.5 Water Towers each.

“The First Counsel” by Brad Meltzer

5 Water Towers, terrific book about the Secret Service, White House, and the First Daughter.

“Chromosome 6” by Robin Cook

5 Water Towers. Unbelievable medical thriller, will blow you away.

“Wish You Well” and “The Winner” by David Baldacci

Both 5 Water Tower books.

Happy Reading!


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