John Grisham’s “The Associate”


John Grisham’s new book “The Associate” is due in stores today, Jan 27, 2009.  

Here is a link to his web site for a quick overview.

Go here for my Reviews of some of John Grisham’s books (I have read them all, just not reviewed them all).  

Looks like my Barnes & Noble gift card is going to see some action this week!  🙂

One thought on “John Grisham’s “The Associate”

  1. Sometimes I wonder where my brain is — I didn’t realize Grisham had a new book coming out! I just put it on hold at the library. Sometimes I like his stuff, sometimes I’m bored by it, but it’s worth a look. Am in the process of listening to the newest Vince Flynn and just finished a great thriller, “Deadly Exchange.” It’s got high-tech stuff, conspiracy, action, romance, everything! My sister works for the FBI so I really love this stuff. This book was glued to my hands from beginning to end!


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