David Baldacci

Book Review: “Zero Day” by David Baldacci

Zero day

 3-Watertowers TracyReaderDad.com(Exciting Thriller)

Genre:  Thriller

John Puller is a an Army veteran employed by the elite Criminal Investigation Unit (CID) of the U.S. Army.

In this first of the series, Puller is sent to West Virginia (in a po-dunk mining town, Drake, WVA) to investigate the murder of a soon to be retired government employee (and 6 or 7 other people).

The fact that he is sent alone raises a caution flag in Puller, but, he continues the investigation as per orders (he is Army, and following orders is second nature).

Eventually, the magnitude of  the issue in Drake, West VA are realized and it is up to Puller (and the Sheriff of Drake, Samantha Cole) to solve and, hopefully, save everyone in the area.

What happens in Zero Day is up to you to find out…..buy the book.  It is not Baldacci’s best (read “The Winner”), but, it is a fun read.

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