Election 2016

“Dark times lie ahead of us and there will be a time when we must choose between what is easy and what is right.”

-Albus Dumbledore

Not much more to say than what has already been said except that, it is time to continue do what is right…..for people of every color, every race, every religion, every nationality, every gender, every sexual orientation, every belief…. everyone (including the environment and education)…..comment below if you agree.


CBS News

Posting this from Facebook because we all know it will get lost there. Is America great again?

Inauguration Day 1/20/2017

Gas $2.65

Dow 19,819

NASDAQ 5560.7

Unemployment 4.7%

Uninsured rate: 8.6% (9/16)

30 yr fixed mortgage: 4.21% (1/19/17)

Median household income: $55,775 (most recent 2015)

Trade Gap: 45.2 billion (11/16)

Copy and paste so we can see if America will be great…. Facts are Facts

3 thoughts on “Election 2016

  1. I copied this from my friends Facebook page. I hope he does not mind:
    “Galen Reyes
    10 hrs ·
    On the bright side…man baby president is going to be hilarious. So many tremendous press conferences in the future. Let’s watch him fail, like every other shit politician before him, unable to uphold his garbage campaign promises:
    1. He won’t “jail” anyone.
    2. He’s not going to build any stupid walls.
    3. He’s not going to instantly destroy ISIS
    4. He’s not going to “teach” our military leadership a damn thing.
    5. He’s definitely not going to make America great with a Russian approved isolationist policy.
    6. He won’t reign in the big banks or do anything about student loan debt.
    7. He’s not going to be able to mysteriously force big business to “return” jobs to America. They answer to shareholders and profit and loss.
    This man lost almost a BILLION dollars running a CASINO. As a self promoting charlatan his long list of failures are as obvious as his sweet comb-overs. These are facts. But, he is the ultimate disrupter. He is the Netflix to the 2 party system’s Blockbuster and Hollywood video (although sadly lacking content).
    The Republican party created this reality by instilling a foundation of fear within its base. A fear of change, of progress, of different cultures -even a fear of science. The Democratic party allowed this by blatantly rigging the primary in a disgusting show of political nepotism and an unfathomably tone deaf approach to its new constituency (mostly the young and educated). Trump will take office and be nothing more than a mouthpiece for his motley crew of handlers. He can’t even run his own twitter. LOL.
    Good luck, Mr. Trump. You’re going to need it. You’re outclassed at every level, every day, by people that weren’t bailed out repeatedly by their father, that don’t cheat on their spouses, that treat women with dignity and respect, that pay their taxes, that served their country honorably, by people that honor their financial commitments and conduct their business ethically, by people that work for a living, by people that love in the face of violence and hatred . When the those whose fears you’ve capitalized upon finally realize you’re just another shuck and jive snake oil salesman and not the working class savior you’ve misrepresented yourself as is when we can finally make peace across this divide and start building a future for our children.
    Your pussy grabbing days are over and now we’ll be stalking behind you with our smug grins and patronizing shrugs as you stumble through four years you were never qualified for. You’re the human equivalent of the TSA. A knee jerk reaction to placate irrational fear. Just another bloated manifestation of our corrupt system masquerading as a solution.”


  2. I copied this from Facebook. I hope Shane does not mind:
    Shane Gericke
    4 hrs ·
    Random thoughts from a one-eyed jack on Election Day + 1:
    1. To everyone who voted for Trump, congratulations. Your guy won fair and square. I did not vote for him and I do not like him, but in our system, your party did its job and mine did not. You also captured the Senate and House. That makes everything that happens after Inauguration Day your responsibility, not that of the libtards, Demorats, or Killary: wars, economy, jobs, terrorism, immigration, banking, health insurance, everything. You wanted every branch of government, and now you have it. Enjoy.
    1a. The Cubs won the World Series and Trump won the Presidency. Hell, meet Mr. Freeze.
    2. How do parents who spent years teaching their children that bullying, beatings, bigotry, and “grabbing ’em by the pussy” are wrong, now explain that Donald Trump won the Presidency by using those very same tactics? Yep, America, our children have now learned that stomping on people who can’t fight back DOES get you fame, power, and glory!
    3. On what day will President Trump finish his wall with Mexico? When will President Trump deport the 11 million immigrants he says are here illegally? Who will replace them on the work line? When will he kill Obamacare and throw millions of sick Americans back into the tender mercies of private insurance? When will he start refusing to pay back the investors who bought our Treasury notes? Now that he is President, he has to deliver on all those campaign promises. Timeline, please.
    4. What happens when President Trump does not deliver anything he promised? He now has a Republican Senate and House–every branch of government is now right wing. If he doesn’t deliver every single thing he promised, it is HIS fault, not Obama’s, not Clinton’s, not the Democratic Party’s. The fault will be his and his alone. You trashed Obama when he failed to deliver, so I assume you will condemn your guy when he fails to deliver on his?
    5. On which day will President Trump pay off the federal deficit, and when will he turn the national debt to zero? My financial adviser wants to know to properly position me to take full advantage of The Coming Trump Prosperity.
    6. When President Trump does not get you that good-paying factory job he promised, when he doesn’t get you medical insurance when you lose Obamacare and Medicare, when he launches a war that will blow your soldier sons and daughters into foggy mists of pink, when he drops a nuke and spreads radioactivity around your neighborhood because winds know no walls, DO NOT COMPLAIN. This is what you wanted. This is what you voted for. I am not making up dramatic excesses in this observation. Trump promised all these things, including asking our generals why we don’t use nukes if we have them. He also said that if the crew of a rival warship makes rude gestures to our sailors, we should blow their boat out of the water. So my observations are based on your facts, not mine.
    7. Financial markets hate uncertainty and President Trump has made a fortune on creating uncertainty. So when you lose your job because the economy crashed and your company closed, where are you going to work? Or are you going to become one of those “welfare queens” you have derided since Reagan? If the latter, where are you going to get that government help–your people will have ended the social safety net designed to catch you when you fall. Do you prefer a gutter or a steam grate as your next home?
    8. When your Social Security is turned over to Wall Street bankers, and they decide to cut your check in half because, We Need More Profits, will you stand in a soup line? Or just kill yourself over the shame of your poverty?
    9. To voters of every political persuasion: I heard on radio this morning that the presidential vote turnout was the lowest in modern history. The. Lowest. My question: Unless you were in ICU with arterial bleeding or your boss threatened termination if you left your double shift to go vote, then you are a thundering asshole. This was the most important presidential election of our time and you couldn’t get to the polls? Really? I have one working eye and managed to drive to my polling station and vote. If you did not and don’t have a bitchin’ good reason, then you deserve whatever awful thing happens to you and your family in the next four years. WE don’t, but you do. Seriously. Democracy only works if you learn and participate and vote. If you did not, shame on you.
    Okay, no more belaboring, you have things to do today. I will leave you with this final thought;
    I hope that President Trump is a thousand times more intelligent, flexible, and gracious than Candidate Trump was. I hope he delivers workable solutions to our very real problems. I hope he treats EVERY American with respect, not just the ones he deems Worthy. I even hope he learns to use Twitter. Because frankly, as someone who loves his country as much as any right-winger does, I would be delighted to be back here a year from now and say, “Dammit, Trump voters, you were right and Shane William Gericke was wrong: Trump really DID make America great again. God bless President Donald Trump and our newfound prosperity and freedoms.”
    But in the off chance he doesn’t because he refuses to acknowledge that politics, like math, is harrrrrrrrrd, then for pity’s sake, do NOT whine, complain, or blame me. You knew who you voted for. Just suck it up, buttercup, and enjoy your shiny new Amerika.


  3. Plato said, “The penalty men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” The Associated Press reported a record 46 million early ballots cast and overall, voter participation up, 4.7% (USAToday 11/9/16). Regardless of how your hopeful fared, ‘indifference’ was the big loser which makes us all winners.


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