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  • Book Review: "Silent Screams" by C.E. Lawrence

    Book Review: "Silent Screams" by C.E. Lawrence

    Genre: Mystery Rating:  4 WaterTowers (Awesome!) Lee Campbell works with the New York Police Department as a profiler.  A former practicing psychologist, Lee has recently overcome debilitating depression (over the disappearance of his sister five years ago) to work with NYPD. His friend from college, Detective Chuck Morton, has asked Lee to help profile a particularly […]

  • Book Review: “City of Dragons” by Kelli Stanley

    Book Review: “City of Dragons” by Kelli Stanley

      Genre:  Mystery (Miranda rocks!) Rating:  3.5 WaterTowers This was an ARC sent to me by Kelli Stanley.  It will be in stores in Feb 2010. Miranda Corbie, troubled, chain-smoking, ex-escort, Spanish War nurse, part-time Worlds Fair employee, PI, was walking home during the Chinese New Year celebration when a nearly dead Eddie Takahashi crossed […]

  • “Vanished” by Joseph Finder

    “Vanished” by Joseph Finder

    Rating: 4 WaterTowers (Nick rocks and he tweets) Genre:  Thriller So many books, so little time. Over the years, I have seen, and thumbed through, Joseph Finder’s books (between Eisler and Flynn).  I knew he was dead-on what I like to read….spys,  killing, and murder….but, even though I have two of his books in my […]

  • “First to Kill” by Andrew Peterson

    “First to Kill” by Andrew Peterson

    Genre:  Thriller Rating:  3 WaterTowers “A smile touched Nathan’s lips.  Nathan McBride in his environment–ready, willing, and able to kick ass.” Once again I was lucky to find an autographed copy of a book.   This time at Costco in Tracy, CA.  I was even luckier that “First to Kill” is smack dab in the […]

  • Book Review: "Rain Fall" by Barry Eisler

    Book Review: "Rain Fall" by Barry Eisler

      Genre: Thriller: Assassin (“Rain Fall” was re-named “A Clean Kill in Tokyo” Rating: 4 Water Towers John Rain is a killer. But unlike most for hire killers, he comes with a code of ethics: He will not kill women or children, he will only kill the principle (not some poor soldier just taking orders), […]