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Amazon Now Sells More E-Books Than Print Books

Wow!  This happened a lot faster than I thought it would just a couple of short years ago. I was surfing the Internet and saw […]

Criminal Element

Got this email today announcing the opening of a new web site dedicated to crime and mystery.   Pretty cool. Here is the complete […]

The eBook Bookstore

I ran across this article on CNN this morning. Very interesting and very scary for those of us who LOVE books, but, the changes in […]

Google ebookstore

If you have an eReader that can read Adobe’s ebook format (Nook, Sony Reader and some others….not Kindle) you can download and read books from […]

The End of Publishing?

A friend posted this on Facebook….pretty cool, but, you need to stay put all the way through it.

Book Trailers

***** Watch these cool (Award Winning!) book trailers ***** [ 3/18/13 “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies….The man who never reads […]

Color Nook

  Just when I started to love my Nook….along comes a new suitor for my affections. I heard from my wife via text and then […]

October 2010 Thrillers

39 thrillers this month!  Sorry I’m late posting this, been a very tough few weeks. I’ll do better next month! Happy Reading! FEAR: 13 Stories […]

Frozen Nook

  Never, even on the coldest day, has a Book ever frozen on me. I’m in the middle of a great book (Brad Thor’s “The […]

Ebooks vs Books for the Environment

Scanning the Internet today I ran across an interesting article by “The Green Lantern” in The Washington Post. In it, GL proposes that, overall, ebooks […]