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  • NPR Hardcover Fiction Bestsellers For Jan 27

    Every now and then I grab the bestselling list from the good folks at NPR. This one has a few Thrillers (Robert Crais, John Grisham, and Brad Meltzer) very cool. I have John Grisham’s and Brad Meltzer’s books here and in the queue…. 1. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest By Stieg Larsson 35 […]

  • NPR Hardcover Fiction Bestsellers For Nov. 11

    #1 this week:  “Towers of Midnight” Since I am still gearing up the mind for reading (see if you don’t know what happened)  so the next book review will still be awhile…here is the full Nov 11th bestseller list from the good folks at NPR. Before you leave….there are several thrillers / mysteries on the list. […]

  • NPR Hardcover Fiction Bestsellers Oct 28

    There is some action in the top 15 since I last posted this, and since I lost this web site. There are a few Thrillers / Mysteries on the list this week!  WhoooHooo… Since I now have to start building my viewership by scratch again, if you see this posting…pass the word, please….TracyReaderDad is still […]

  • NPR Bestseller Fiction Oct 2010

    Since I am still having a hard time concentrating (but getting better… if you don’t already know, see why: I took the liberty of copying this list of the top Hardcover Fiction bestsellers of the week of October 14, from the good folks at NPR.   Hope they don’t mind. Go here for the […]

  • NPR's Fiction Bestsellers August 12 2010

    I must be missing some good reading (but then again, best selling does not always = really good book)….the above picture is the #1 paperback bestseller as of August 12 (today, at least for a little while longer in CA). Check out the NPR site for the entire paperback list. Then check out the bestselling […]