Category: Thrillers

  • November 2022 Thrillers

    November 2022 Thrillers

    Lots of new books this month! Enjoy A Book Club to Die For by Dorothy St. James The Hunt for the Peggy C by John Winn Miller Duplicity by Shawn Wilson Over Her Dead Body by Susan Walter Honor’s Refuge by Hallee Bridgeman Operation Blackbird by Ellen Butler Painter of the Damned by Rob Samborn Male Revues and Subterfuge by Heather Weidner Sundown by […]

  • October 2022 Thrillers

    October 2022 Thrillers

    TONS of new books to add to your Fall reading list! Enjoy. Jackal: A Novel by Erin E. Adams The Mad, Mad Murders of Marigold Way by Raymond Benson The Gallery of Beauties by Nina Wachsman Eve’s Rib by C. S. O’Cinneide Upriver by Martin Roy Hill A Haunted History of Invisible Women: True Stories of America’s Ghosts by Leanna Renee Hieber […]

  • September 2022 Thrillers

    September 2022 Thrillers

    Lots of new books this month! Featured image taken with a Pixel 6 Pro Enjoy. Moonlight Gets Schooled by Vincent Zandri Last Liar Standing by Danielle M. Wong Buried Trust by Nancy A. Hughes Intrepid Spirit by David Tunno The Desecrated by John Gray Snake Slayer by Rob Pierce Magic Is Murder by Donna Andrews, Barb Goffman, and Marcia Talley (editors) Make […]

  • August 2022 Thrillers

    August 2022 Thrillers

    Lots of new books for your summer reading list. Enjoy! The Child Riddler by Angela Greenman Death a Sketch by Cheryl Hollon The Sky Club by Terry Roberts DCI Warren Jones: Time To Kill by Paul Gitsham We Will Rise by Tim Waggoner Someone’s Watching Me by Zoe Rosi The Secret Life of Maggie Blake by Marilyn Brant UNSPEAKABLE: The Killing School by […]

  • July 2022 Thrillers

    July 2022 Thrillers

    LOTS of new books for your summer reading list. Enjoy! 🙂 The Lost by Jeffrey B. Burton Goldhammer by Haris Orkin Something Shady at Sunshine Haven by Kris Bock Agent Red: Fatal Death: Teagan Stone Book 6 by Ava S. King The House Sitter by Ellery Kane Venom On The Levels by David Hodges Project Namahana by John Teschner The Guilty Couple by […]

  • June 2022 Thrillers

    June 2022 Thrillers

    A ton of new books for your early summer reading list! Enjoy! Deep Purple Cover by Joel W. Barrows Twins by Don Helin Bayou Book Thief by Ellen Byron The Physicists’ Daughter by Mary Anna Evans What They Don’t Know by Susan Furlong Chasing Justice by Kathleen Donnelly Wild Prey by Brian Klingborg Palladium by Leigh Turner When You Leave Me by Susan Wingate […]

  • May 2022 Thrillers

    May 2022 Thrillers

    Lots of new books to add to your summer reading list! Double Shot Death by Emmeline Duncan Now or Never by Ann Simas The Gray Detective by Stephen Burdick Crawl on Your Belly All the Days of Your Life by William J. Donahue Serpent’s Doom by Connie di Marco Absence of Grace by Kevin St. Jarre Worst Case Scenario by Larry Enmon […]

  • April 2022 Thrillers

    April 2022 Thrillers

    Lots of new books this month! Enjoy. The Catch by Lisa Harris The Beaten Track by Louise Mangos Crossbones by Diane L. Kowalyshyn Under Lock & Skeleton Key by Gigi Pandian Death In Kabul by Alison Belsham & Nick Higgins An Imperfect Plan by Addison McKnight Blackshirt Masquerade by Jason Monaghan Condo Crazy by Yvonne Rediger Gone to Her Grave by Wendy Dranfield Gambling […]

  • March 2022 Thrillers

    March 2022 Thrillers

    A bunch of new books this month for your reading list! Summer is coming. 🙂 Behind The Lie by Emilya Naymark Ghosts of the West by Alec Marsh A Life for a Life by Carol Wyer The Trouble with Murder by Vanessa A. Ryan The Enlightenment Project by Lynn Hightower Eyewitness by T.R. Folsom Missing in Miami by Kathryn Lane Mirror of […]

  • February 2022 Thrillers

    February 2022 Thrillers

    A few new books this month to add to your TBR shelf. 🙂 Enjoy! A Lethal Deception by Rachel Amphlett Protocol by Jeff Zwagerman No Beauties or Monsters by Tara Goedjen The Night She Went Missing by Kristen Bird Now Was After by Dan Lawton Surviving the Lion’s Den by Matt Scott The Seven Truths of Hannah Baxter by Grant McKenzie A […]