February 2021 Thrillers

A bunch of new books for your reading list this month. January was a crazy busy month for us, sooooo I'm still reading "The Snowman" by Jo Nesbo. I should have more time starting.....NOW! 🙂 Death on the Homefront by Frances McNamaraHide In Place by Emilya NaymarkObsession by Patricia BradleyA Question of Time by James StejskalDeath on the Boardwalk by … Continue reading February 2021 Thrillers

“The First Conspiracy” by Brad Meltzer

Genre: Nonfiction History Not quite a first, but, rare indeed when I read a non-fiction book! There is one reason, besides learning a bit about history, and that is.........Brad Meltzer. 🙂 The colonies are starting to get restless and they see the need for an Army to protect their citizens from the oppressive rule of … Continue reading “The First Conspiracy” by Brad Meltzer

December 2020 Thrillers

Lots of new books for this month. Enjoy your holiday season, stay safe, wear masks.....a vaccine is on the way. 🙂 Science rocks! (and it's real) Murder at Andaman by Bharti KirchnerThe Lumbermill by Laya V. SmithFool's Run by Sidney WilliamsDuped by Stephen Maitland-LewisDon't Shoot the Drummer by Jonathan BrownLast Call: A Murder On The Rocks Mystery by Cathi StolerCreature Feature: A Horrid … Continue reading December 2020 Thrillers

Book Review: “Victory of Eagles” by Naomi Novik

Genre: Fantasy After the events of the last book, Laurence has been found guilty of treason and is in jail. Temeraire has been placed in the breeding grounds and, if he does not behave, Laurence will be hanged. Temeraire is continuing his quest for better living conditions for dragons in Britain and is making as … Continue reading Book Review: “Victory of Eagles” by Naomi Novik

November 2020 Thrillers

Lots of new thrillers this election / Thanksgiving month. #Vote Don’t Look In by Tom SaricSaving Grace: A Psychological Thriller by D.M. BarrCarrie Sue's Dairy by Sandy SemeradBy the Book by A.J. McCarthyMistaken Identity by Michael W. ShererWhere There's A Will: A Glass Dolphin Mystery by Judy Penz ShelukThe Escape by Lisa HarrisDeath Mask by Eric J. GatesBlack Willows by Jill HandMimi … Continue reading November 2020 Thrillers

Book Review: “Pigeon-Blood Red” by Ed Duncan

Genre: Thriller Richard "Rico" Sanders is a hit man, with a conscience. He kills when he is sure the victim did something wrong, much like John Rain, and he has never made a mistake. He and his partner in crime, Jerry, have been working together for years. Working with loan shark, Frank Litvak, they find … Continue reading Book Review: “Pigeon-Blood Red” by Ed Duncan