“The Fourth Order” by Stephen Frey

Rating:  3 WaterTowers (a more deliberate Frey) Genre: Thriller “The Fourth Order” is a secret government “gray ops” agency that has been activated only four times since the Civil War.  The object of the Order is to protect the United States…by any means possible.  Including kidnapping, torture, and……… […]

Kindle 2 Introduced

As you may already have figured out….I’m definitely not one to stop technology from advancing (see my Technical Blog).   But there are some things I would like to see stay the same:  Newspapers and books being two of the most important.  Call me old fashioned.   All […]

E-Book Sales Increasing

I stumbled across this article on the increasing sales of the electronic books (E-Books).   UPDATE: Jan 6, 2009  Here is another interesting article on this subject on CNN.   Amazon’s Kindle appears to have gathered the approval of Oprah (see the post directly below this one) and […]

Advice for Oprah

See this article concerning the cancellation of a book by Holocaust survivors. The person writing it appeared on Oprah’s show more than once.    Seems that lately a lot of non-fiction isn’t.   Here is some advice: Fiction is a great genre to cover. 🙂