Barnes & Noble Nook for Fathers Day

  If you have been reading this blog for awhile, you know that my stand on e-book readers has softened from “firmly…staunchly…against”, to “I understand that the stories (and authors) are not going away”, to…. Well gee…..I now have the Nook !! Was I enthusiastically looking forward to […]

"Twitter Killer" by Mike Pihlman

Background:  Twitter is a social networking tool that allows a person to tweet information about themselves or their business in 140 characters or less. It is not known why, but, there has been a recent spate of killings in the area.  Mostly middle management types with known dysfunctional personality issues. […]

Thrillers June 2010

There are 47 new Thrillers this month!  Wow! Here is the list….happy reading. Click on a book title to read the feature story Sizzling Sixteen by Janet Evanovich Broken by Karin Slaughter Day One by Bill Cameron Damaged by Pamela Callow Ice Cold by Tess Gerritsen Running Dark […]

"Drive By Wire" by Mike Pihlman

Information: Recent events have brought to light the ever increasing use of computers in automobiles.  It turns out that stepping on the brake is now a virtual movement where your physical foot pressure is interpreted by a computer.   Pretty soon computers will drive your car. Boss does […]

"Backstabber" by Mike Pihlman

Genre: Horror Background:  Highly secure locations need to positively identify people trying to gain access to the facilities.  To do this automatically, some institutions have a booth you enter then swipe your badge and enter a PIN.  If you pass the identification process, you are let in.  If […]