Books: Clunkers and Charms

Clunkers Lest you get the idea that all the books I read are great. Here are a few of the clunkers, that for whatever reason, […]

"H is for Homicide" by Sue Grafton

Genre: Mystery Rating: 3.5 Water Towers I love it when a novelist has the main character say “Honestly, I’m not making this stuff up”. Sue […]

"Simple Genius" Book Review

“Simple Genius” by David Baldacci Genre: Thriller Rating: 4 Water Towers Secret Service agents, and now Private Investigators, Sean King and Michelle Maxwell were first […]

"The Last Spymaster" by Gayle Lynds

Genre: Thriller: Espionage Rating: 4 Water Towers ++++ Once or twice a year our family heads out to one of the coastal beaches (one that […]

"Excavation" Book Review

Genre: Thriller: Adventure Rating: 3.5 Water Towers James Rollins has a great imagination. This is, I think, the 4th book of his I have read […]

"The Thieves of Heaven" Book Review

“The Thieves of Heaven” by Richard Doetsch Genre: Thriller: Religious Intrigue Rating: 4 Water Towers A devilishly good read this is one Hell of a […]

"The American" Book Review

“The American” by Andrew Britton Genre: Thriller / Secret Agent Rating: 3.5 Water Towers Within the first few pages, the reader feels an ominous cloud […]

"The Hostage" Book Review

“The Hostage” by W.E.B. Griffin Genre: Thriller: Military / Secret Agent Rating: 3 Water Towers “The Hostage” is the second in Griffin’s new “Presidential Agent” […]

"Author and Genre Overview"

Since this blog will contain-mostly-book reviews, I may as well give you a taste of what my taste is and what authors and genre(s) will […]

"The Templar Legacy" Book Review

I’ve been reading a lot this year…just finished “The Templar Legacy” by Steve Berry. I have read all but one (his latest hardcover). He is […]