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  • Book Review: “Two for the Dough” by Janet Evanovich

    Book Review: “Two for the Dough” by Janet Evanovich

    Genre: Mystery On a stakeout with experienced bounty hunter, Ranger, new bounty hunter Stephanie Plum is nervous and is without a loaded gun. Duh. A brand new 4×4 pulls up to the house they are watching, hoping that Kenny Mancuso shows up so they can grab him (for shooting his ex-best friend in the knee […]

  • “The Night Trade” by Barry Eisler

    “The Night Trade” by Barry Eisler

    Genre: Thriller Two months after the final events in the first book (“Livia Lone”). Livia (real name, Labee) has re-settled into her Seattle Police Department position in anti-trafficking. Livia is teaching a self-defense class when her boss, Lt. Donna Strangland, interrupts class to introduce Livia to Homeland Security Special Agent Benjamin Dixon Little. He is […]

  • “Legal Tender” by Lisa Scottoline

    “Legal Tender” by Lisa Scottoline

    Genre: Thriller If you read my last review on “Everywhere That Mary Went” you know that, at the end of my review, I lamented about not knowing who Rosato is: Now I know. But…….. Bennie (Benedetta) Rosato and Mark Biscardi are equal partners in the Rosato & Biscardi law firm, based in Philly. Until recently, […]

  • “Long Road to Mercy” by David Baldacci

    “Long Road to Mercy” by David Baldacci

    Genre: Thriller “Or you can claim all the evidence they had was fake,” added Blum. “That seems to be a pretty popular tactic these days” Mixing fact and fiction (I hope!) , David Baldacci introduces us to a new character: Atlee Pine is an FBI agent stationed in Shattered Rock, AZ (near the Grand Canyon). […]

  • Book Review: “Requiem for an Assassin” by Barry Eisler

    Book Review: “Requiem for an Assassin” by Barry Eisler

    Genre: Thriller Re-named by Barry Eisler as “The Killer Ascendant” this is John Rain book #6. Rain #7 is up next: “The Detachment”. Ex-Marine sniper Dox has been kidnapped by ex-CIA, now rogue operator, Hilger. Hilger has a need for three people to die a “natural death” and since that is John Rain’s specialty, Hilger […]

  • Book Review: “The Last Assassin” by Barry Eisler

    Book Review: “The Last Assassin” by Barry Eisler

    Genre: Thriller “And you accuse me of being in denial? What you do is like fighting a hydra. Everyone you kill, it creates two more. If you can’t see that, you’re insane.” Life’s reality for John Rain, assassin.  As much as he wants to quit the business, as much as he wants a “normal” life, […]

  • “Congo” by Michael Crichton

    “Congo” by Michael Crichton

    Team of researchers on an expedition to the Congo experience death and destruction.

  • Book Review: “Nemesis” by Jo Nesbo

    Book Review: “Nemesis” by Jo Nesbo

    Harry (a raging alcoholic) stays sober throughout the book. And that’s a good thing……since Harry needs to keep his head clear as his own murder could be next.

  • “Vicious Circle” by C.J. Box

    “Vicious Circle” by C.J. Box

    “Vicious Circle” is #17 in the Joe Pickett (a Wyoming Game warden) series. A fast, brutal, thriller that leaves you gasping for air. Make sure your ears are covered.

  • “Edinburgh Dusk” by Carole Lawrence

    “Edinburgh Dusk” by Carole Lawrence

    “Edinburgh Dusk” is a fantastic read with shocking twists and turns, criminology, and history all woven into a narrative that is nearly impossible to put down.