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Pendragon Book Review Marathon

Hobey-Ho I have made a decision, based on my daughters input (she is now reading Raven Rise) and the fact that I have just finished “Pendragon Black Water” which I will post this weekend (hint: this is a whopping, rollicking “tum-tigger” 5 WaterTower book). I will read the […]

“The Appeal” by John Grisham

  Genre: Legal Thriller Rating: 4 Water Towers After years of litigation, the small, nearly bankrupt, law firm of Payton & Payton (Mary Grace and Wes) has just won a $41 million lawsuit against New York based Krane Chemical. This is proof that the illegal dumping of chemicals […]

“Savage Run” by C.J. Box

  Genre: Mystery “But this is how they do it. They go after the weakest first. When the mother stays back, the wolves open a hole in her belly and pull out the entrails. Then they wait until she doesn’t have the strength to protect herself, then they’ll […]

“Codex” by Lev Grossman

Genre: Fiction Rating: 3.5 Water Towers I love books about books. “Codex” is an intriguing story combining old and rare books with modern computer games. This appears to be the only book that Lev Grossman has written, if so, I whole heartily encourage him to write more, as […]