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“Memory Man” by David Baldacci

Genre: Thriller This is the first book in the Amos Decker series. When Amos Decker was 22 years old, his pro football debut changed his […]

August 2011 Thrillers

Lots of new books / e-books! Happy Reading  🙂 Killing Kate by Julie Kramer The Sixes by Kate White Inmate 1577 by Alan Jacobson Home Improvement: Undead Edition by […]

Book Review: “Killed at the Whim of a Hat” by Colin Cotterill

Genre:  Mystery  (terrific) Rating: 5 WaterTowers This is an ARC sent to me by St. Martin’s Press.  It is due in stores July 19, 2011. […]

Book Review: “City of Secrets” by Kelli Stanley

Genre: Mystery / Noir  (Miranda rocks!) Rating:  4 WaterTowers “City of Secrets” is an ARC sent to me by Kelli Stanley.  It will be in […]

July 2011 Thrillers

A while bunch of new Thrillers coming out in July! Happy Reading and Drive Safe! this holiday weekend. News from South Africa by Mike Nicol Full […]

Book Review: “Trader of Secrets” by Steve Martini

Genre: Thriller Rating: 5 WaterTowers Picking up where “The Rule of Nine” left off, Liquida leaves the garage severely wounded by Herman Diggs (who is […]

Book Review: “Fetching Raymond” by John Grisham

Genre: Legal Thriller Rating: 3.5 WaterTowers “Fetching Raymond” is  short story from “Ford County Stories” by John Grisham Leon Graney borrows Mr. McBride’s upholstery business van for […]

Book Review: “Blood Drive” by John Grisham

“Blood Drive” is  short story from “Ford County Stories” by John Grisham Genre: Cozy (?) Rating: 4 WaterTowers (Three rednecks driving to Memphis to save […]

Book Review: “Paris is a Bitch” by Barry Eisler

Genre: Thriller (a Rain / Delilah Short Story) Rating: 3.5 WaterTowers (Read it!  Great story) This is Eisler’s second short story in the past few […]

Book Review: “Amber Rules” by Melinda Curtis

Genre: Romance  (Romance fans would rate this higher) Rating:  2.5 WaterTowers (Angst, Sex, Basketball) The PDF version of “Amber Rules” was sent to me (for […]