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  • Book Review: “Blood Drive” by John Grisham

    Book Review: “Blood Drive” by John Grisham

    “Blood Drive” is  short story from “Ford County Stories” by John Grisham Genre: Cozy (?) Rating: 4 WaterTowers (Three rednecks driving to Memphis to save a friend) Buy it! Bailey was working in Memphis when he got hurt and sent to the hospital.  The details of his condition were varied, but, the town-folk of Box […]

  • Book Review: “Paris is a Bitch” by Barry Eisler

    Book Review: “Paris is a Bitch” by Barry Eisler

    Genre: Thriller (a Rain / Delilah Short Story) Rating: 3.5 WaterTowers (Read it!  Great story) This is Eisler’s second short story in the past few months.  Both are self-published in electronic format only, but, the first “The Lost Coast” is pure new age scary as hell 4 WaterTower thriller (a love story….oh sorry, Mr. Eisler, […]

  • Book Review: “Amber Rules” by Melinda Curtis

    Genre: Romance  (Romance fans would rate this higher) Rating:  2.5 WaterTowers (Angst, Sex, Basketball) The PDF version of “Amber Rules” was sent to me (for my Nook) by Melinda Curtis.  I believe it is available now. I do not read romance very often (errr, ever) so I was looking forward to this. And it is a darn […]

  • June 2011 Thrillers

    Where have I been?  Working on ForCarol.com since that is REALLY important… But….I am caught up now….there are 35 new Thrillers in June 2011 for your reading pleasure! Enjoy The Phoenix Apostles by Lynn Sholes & Joe Moore The Devil Colony by James Rollins Strong at the Break by Jon Land (Read MY review) County Line by Bill Cameron […]

  • Book Review: “Hell’s Corner” by David Baldacci

    Genre: Thriller Rating: 3 WaterTowers After meeting with the President, Oliver Stone (now nearly everyone knows he is John Carr) accepts a near suicide mission to help stop an influx of Russian spies tied to the, now, very powerful Russian drug cartels. This is the price he has to pay for killing two Government officials […]

  • Amazon Now Sells More E-Books Than Print Books

    Wow!  This happened a lot faster than I thought it would just a couple of short years ago. I was surfing the Internet and saw this article from our friends at Computerworld. Amazon says it sells 105 Kindle based e-books (not counting the free e-books, so these are actual purchases) for every 100 print books. […]

  • Book Review: “N is for Noose” by Sue Grafton

    Book Review: “N is for Noose” by Sue Grafton

    Genre: Mystery Rating: 3 WaterTowers Tom Newquist was found dead several weeks ago in his car in Nota Lake, CA.  Tom was a Nota Lake detective in the local Sheriff’s Department. The past few months, Tom had seemed distracted and distant.  Now that he is gone his wife, Selma, hires Private Investigator Kinsey Millhone to […]

  • “No Rest For The Dead” Preview

    “No Rest For The Dead” Preview

    Galen at the Tracy Barnes & Noble gave me (well…..loaned me) a 3 chapter preview of “No Rest For The Dead”.  This book will be in stores in July 2011. There is one thing totally unique about this upcoming book:  It was written by 25 of our favorite Authors (it looks like they each took […]

  • May 2011 Thrillers

    A bunch of new Thrillers come out this month!  Happy Reading! The Jefferson Key by Steve Berry The Last Time I Saw Paris by Lynn Sheene Eyewall by H.W. “Buzz” Bernard Forced to Kill by Andrew Peterson Sweet Tea and Secrets by Nancy Naigle Burn Down the Sky by James Jaros Chosen By Blood by Virna DePaul The Informant by Thomas Perry Flowerbed […]

  • Criminal Element

    Got this email today announcing the opening of a new web site dedicated to crime and mystery.  CriminalElement.com   Pretty cool. Here is the complete press release.  Gee I wonder if they like my original horror stories? FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Sarah Melnyk 646-307-5662 sarah.melnyk@stmartins.com MACMILLAN TO LAUNCH PUBLISHER-NEUTRAL CRIME AND MYSTERY COMMUNITY WEBSITE: CRIMINAL […]