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  • Book Review: “Badlands” by C.J. Box

    Book Review: “Badlands” by C.J. Box

    Genre: Thriller Grinstad, North Datkota is in the middle of an oil boom. The population has grown beyond the capabilities of the town and the increase in crime, drugs, prostitution, and murder has followed. There are not enough police in town to stem the flow…. Kyle Westergaard, 12, was finishing up his early morning paper […]

  • “Endangered” by C. J. Box

    “Endangered” by C. J. Box

    Genre: Thriller Nate and April fight for their lives as a killer family seeks revenge. April Pickett, the adopted daughter of Joe and Marybeth, left three months ago with pro rodeo cowboy, Dallas Cates.

  • “Stone Cold” by C. J. Box

    “Stone Cold” by C. J. Box

    Genre: Thriller Joe Pickett is sent by Gov. Rulon to investigate a murder-for-hire operation in rural Wyoming. What he finds is terrifying…..  Buy It! Nate Romanowski is stalking the man he was hired to kill. He completes that task with typical cold-blooded efficiency. A month later, Joe Pickett is working to extricate his long abandoned […]

  • “Shots Fired” by C.J. Box

    “Shots Fired” by C.J. Box

    (Short Stories) Genre: Thriller / Mystery – Buy it! – “Shots Fired” is a selection of 10 widely varied short stories. It was interesting reading this book as I read one story and then I was done. Then I read another….done again. I loved them; short sweet and sometimes bittersweet. Below is a a very […]

  • Book Review: “Breaking Point” by C.J. Box

    Book Review:  “Breaking Point” by C.J. Box

    (Outstanding) In this, the 13th book in the Joe Pickett series, two EPA special agents are found dead on the property of Saddlestring resident, Butch Roberson. Before he knew what was happening, Joe wandered into Butch as he was checking water guzzlers in the wilderness.  They chatted, but, Butch did not seem right.  Joe just […]

  • Book Review: “Force of Nature” by C.J. Box

    Book Review: “Force of Nature” by C.J. Box

    (A Thriller) Genre:  Mystery…errr, Thriller! – “Force of Nature” is #12 in the Joe Pickett series. Spoiler:  From the end of the last book, Large Merle dies.  😦 Nate Romanowski helps three locals (one he recognizes as the Mad Archer from a few books ago) pull their drifting boat to shore.  They, stupidly, pull weapons […]

  • Book Review: “Cold Wind” by C.J. Box

    Book Review: “Cold Wind” by C.J. Box

    Genre:  Mystery (George R.R. Martin would be proud) – Wyoming Game Warden, Joe Pickett, finds his relatively new father-in-law tied to the blade of a windmill dead as a door nail. Joe’s beloved (sic) mother-in-law, Missy, has been arrested for his murder and Joe sets out on his own to dig up the facts.  Not […]

  • Book Review: “Nowhere to Run” by C.J. Box

    Book Review: “Nowhere to Run” by C.J. Box

      Genre:  Mystery (Joe and Nate kick ass) – Wyoming Game Warden Joe Pickett is about to leave his year long “exile” in Baggs, Wyoming.  Although he is anxious to get home, he has one more wilderness trip to take to make sure everything is in tip-top shape for his replacement. This wilderness area is […]

  • Book Review: “Below Zero” by C. J. Box

    Book Review: “Below Zero” by C. J. Box

      Genre: Mystery (Tearjerker) — Wyoming Game Warden (still on special assignment to the Governor) Joe Pickett’s daughter Sheridan gets voice mail from April.  WTF?  Joe saw April die a few of years ago.  But April knows stuff that only April can know, soooooo it must be her, as unlikely as that seems. A Chicago […]

  • Book Review: “Blood Trail” by C.J. Box

    Book Review: “Blood Trail” by C.J. Box

      Genre:  Mystery — SPOILER ALERT…do not read further if you have not read the previous books —- Several months have passed since the end of “Free Fire” and Game Warden Joe Pickett, special assistant to the Governor of Wyoming, has been tasked to find the killer of several hunters.  He is investigating the killings […]