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“The Guilty” by David Baldacci

(Robie Goes Home) Genre: Thriller – Buy it! – Will Robie, assassin, has his shot lined up. He patiently waits for the person to come […]

“Bullseye” by David Baldacci

Genre: Thriller Buy it! (Will Robie and the Camel Club) – Oliver Stone is headed to the bank before it closes on a Saturday. He […]

“The Target” by David Baldacci

(Robie & Reel Return) Genre: Thriller — After surviving the events of “The Hit” America’s two best agents, Will Robie and Jessica Reel, who were […]

Book Review: “King and Maxwell” by David Baldacci

Genre: Thriller  (Michelle finally gets Presidential Duty) Sam Wingo is a special operations soldier on a mission to deliver valuable cargo in Afganistan.  He has […]

“The Hit” by David Baldacci

(Will Robie meets his match) – The government sometimes assassinates those who the U.S.A. does not want in power. Jessica Reel is one of the […]

Book Review: “The Innocent” by David Baldacci

  Genre: Thriller (New Series) – Will Robie is an assassin.  He kills when the Gov’t tells him to kill, except this one time. Now […]

Book Review: “Zero Day” by David Baldacci

 (Exciting Thriller) Genre:  Thriller – John Puller is a an Army veteran employed by the elite Criminal Investigation Unit (CID) of the U.S. Army. In […]

Book Review “The Sixth Man” by David Baldacci

Genre: Thriller (Sean King and Michelle Maxwell return) Buy it! Edgar Roy is really really smart.  So smart that he was selected to filter the […]

Book Review: “Divine Justice” by David Baldacci

Book Review Genre: Fiction Thriller Rating:  4 WaterTowers Divine, Virginia “What cover are you using?” Annabelle asked. “Said I was a writer looking to set […]

Book Review: "First Family" by David Baldacci

Book Review Genre:  Thriller Rating: 4 WaterTowers (Sean King and Michelle Maxwell return) In my quest to catch up on my favorite authors, David Baldacci […]

Book Review: “The Whole Truth” by David Baldacci

Genre: Thriller BUY it! Rating:  3 WaterTowers The video went live at midnight universal time.  Then it went viral. “My name is Konstantin.  My name […]