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August 2010 Thrillers

There are 38 new Thrillers for your summer (even though school is starting, or, in some cases, has already started…..hmmm, whatever happened to “summers”?) reading pleasure. I’m re-reading “HP and the Deathly Hallows” getting ready for the movie in November.  Interesting how little I remember from the first […]

"Crime Scene Cleanup" by Mike Pihlman

Genre: Horror Larry works as a crime scene cleaner. One day, Larry is working a particularly disturbing crime scene.  Entrails all over the house. Everywhere Larry went he found, and had to clean up, intestines. Miles of fresh hot intestine….what the heck is going on?  How can this be? […]

"Burglar by Wire" by Mike Pihlman

Genre: Horror Jean was tired of burglers breaking into her house when she was at work. Iron bars on the windows, a sophisticated burglar alarm, dogs (both big and small), cameras…nothing worked. Jean was an astro physicist with a love for tinkering.  She decided the time was right […]

July 2010 Thrillers

There are 44 new Thrillers for July!  Happy reading and have a safe 4th of July (for my U.S. reader)  🙂 100 Must Reads, Edited by David Morrell & Hank Wagner Midnight Angels, by Lorenzo Carcaterra Blood Law, by Jeannie Holmes They’re Watching, by Gregg Hurwitz The Long […]

"You're Killing Me" by Mike Pihlman

Genre: Horror Boss was always right.  Problem is he let his employees know how “stupid” they are everyday with a simple saying “You’re killing me”. David was working on a particularly difficult task.  Needing some help, he asked Boss. “You’re killing me David, you need to be able […]

Book Review: "Prime" by Nate Kenyon

Genre:  Science Fiction / Cyberpunk Rating:  5 WaterTowers My first Nook e-book. Since this was a novela by Nate Kenyon (who by the way spurred my interest in horror (with a little help from Bram Stoker) with “The Bone Factory”….see the review under Nate to the right), I […]

Barnes & Noble Nook for Fathers Day

  If you have been reading this blog for awhile, you know that my stand on e-book readers has softened from “firmly…staunchly…against”, to “I understand that the stories (and authors) are not going away”, to…. Well gee…..I now have the Nook !! Was I enthusiastically looking forward to […]