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  • "The American" Book Review

    “The American” by Andrew Britton Genre: Thriller / Secret Agent Rating: 3.5 Water Towers Within the first few pages, the reader feels an ominous cloud hovering over the main characters in “The American”. Three hundred and ninety five action packed pages later that cloud finally explodes thunder, lightning….and tears. “The American” is Andrew Britton’s first […]

  • "The Hostage" Book Review

    “The Hostage” by W.E.B. Griffin Genre: Thriller: Military / Secret Agent Rating: 3 Water Towers “The Hostage” is the second in Griffin’s new “Presidential Agent” series. It is a massive 2 inch thick paperback consisting of 750 pages in the new slightly larger paperback form factor. The first book in the series “By Order of […]

  • "The Templar Legacy" Book Review

    "The Templar Legacy" Book Review

    I’ve been reading a lot this year…just finished “The Templar Legacy” by Steve Berry. I have read all but one (his latest hardcover). He is one of my favorites (I have about 10, but, some are favorite favorites like Perri O’Shaughnessy and Steven Frey (see the first blog entry). The Templar Legacy hit a nerve […]

  • "Author and Genre Overview"

    Since this blog will contain-mostly-book reviews, I may as well give you a taste of what my taste is and what authors and genre(s) will be covered here. First and foremost…I like Thrillers. Kind of an odd name since I associated Thrillers with Horror when I was younger. This is not the case however, so […]

  • “The Chairman and The Protege” Book Reviews

    Book Reviews: Stephen Frey: “The Chairman” and “The Protege” Stephen Frey is one of my all time favorite authors. Most of his books are stand-alone novels, but, the last two need to be read in order and could almost be one big book (like some Harry Potter books (by the way, I thought Half Blood […]