March 2012 Thrillers

A lot of really cool Thrillers this month!  Happy reading! Stay Close by Harlan Coben The Professionals by Owen Laukkanen The Book of Lost Fragrances by M.J. Rose Operation Ruby Slipper by John Meyer Scorpion Betrayal by Andrew Kaplan The Devil's Bones by Larry D. Sweazy The Unseen by Heather Graham The Man from Primrose Lane by James Renner Deliverance: Mortal Path Book … Continue reading March 2012 Thrillers

December 2011 Thrillers

STILL reading George R.R. Martin!  Wow....a BIG book!  But loving it.... There are 20 new Thrillers for your reading pleasure!  Enjoy and Merry Christmas to all! If I Should Die by Allison Brennan Beyond the Darkness  by Jaime Rush Gun Church and Hurt Machine by Reed Farrel Coleman A Vine in the Blood by Leighton Gage The Winslow Incident by Elizabeth … Continue reading December 2011 Thrillers

The New Barnes & Noble Nook: Taking it for a Spin

 (Barry Eisler rocks!) Sandra at the Tracy, CA Barnes & Noble held this up for me to see when I sat down in my favorite spot.  I jumped up, took it, and spent 30 minutes or so playing with it. VERY nice! Having the old Nook; I found out that this one is much faster, … Continue reading The New Barnes & Noble Nook: Taking it for a Spin

Barnes & Noble Introduces a New Nook

Surfing the Internet today I spotted this article from the NY Times stating that a new Nook eReader has been introduced! Very cool. Here are some basics of the $139 eReader: It is WiFi only, it uses e-ink technology so glare will not be a problem, the entire display is touch screen, they claim the … Continue reading Barnes & Noble Introduces a New Nook

Amazon Now Sells More E-Books Than Print Books

Wow!  This happened a lot faster than I thought it would just a couple of short years ago. I was surfing the Internet and saw this article from our friends at Computerworld. Amazon says it sells 105 Kindle based e-books (not counting the free e-books, so these are actual purchases) for every 100 print books. … Continue reading Amazon Now Sells More E-Books Than Print Books