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  • “Rejoice” by Mike Pihlman

    “Rejoice” by Mike Pihlman

    The Woman on the Fire Escape just offed her abusive Boss. Coworkers rejoice! This very very short story was inspired by a meme posted by Carolyn Haines on Facebook where the month you were born and the day gives you the title of a story. Mine was: Month: The Woman Day: On the Fire Escape […]

  • “Sex Robot” by Mike Pihlman

    “Sex Robot” by Mike Pihlman

    Boss is lonely, nasty, and vindictive. Employees are miserable. Boss loves technology and purchased the latest sex robot to take care of lonely. One day, the office techy hacked into the robot. Boss was lonely, nasty, and vindictive. Employees are happy. Another in the “Off Your Boss” series of micro-horror stories. Copyright Sept 14, 2017 […]

  • “Nuts” by Mike Pihlman

    “Nuts” by Mike Pihlman

    Husband was a cheater. Wife suffered for years, but, has had enough. After dinner one night, Wife asked Husband if she could put nuts in the disposal. “Yes” replied Husband Later that night…..nuts went in the disposal. Wife disappeared. — Another in the “Off Your Boss” series of micro-horror stories. Copyright Nov 17, 2016 by […]

  • “Nasty Woman” by Mike Pihlman

    “Nasty Woman” by Mike Pihlman

    Employees hate their relatively stupid, and very mean, Boss. Woman employee uses too many words for Boss to understand, after all, he only has a 150 word vocabulary. Trying to get his head around all those very very big words, very big words……Boss’s head explodes. Nasty woman. Happy employees. Copyright Nov 11, 2016. A new […]

  • “The Cough” by Mike Pihlman

    “The Cough” by Mike Pihlman

    Genre: Horror The latest medical break-thru allows patients with congestive heart disease to be implanted with Internet connected heart regulators. This technology has saved countless lives while allowing the patient’s Doctors to remotely monitor their health. Each implant has it’s own specific Internet Protocol (IP) address. Boss has one such implant. Unfortunately, Boss was a […]

  • “Hot Water” by Mike Pihlman

    “Hot Water” by Mike Pihlman

    Boss owns a plumbing & heating supply company. Unfortunately, all he understands is how to scold his employees. They can never do right in his eyes. His water heater went out and Boss called Jay to fix it. The next morning, during his shower, Boss died from excessively hot water. The scolder was scalded. — […]

  • “The Wolf Gift” by Anne Rice

    “The Wolf Gift” by Anne Rice

    Genre: Gothic Fiction (Mesmerizing) – Reuben Golding was tasked by his editor at the San Francisco Observer to write a piece on an old house, a mansion, going up for sale on the Mendocino Coast. Walking up to the house after a four hour drive from San Francisco, he meets the owner of the house….beautiful, […]

  • “Genetically Modified Organisms” by Mike Pihlman

    “Genetically Modified Organisms” by Mike Pihlman

    Wife wanted her abusive husband dead. Rather than killing him with a gun, or knife, she read this report that GMO altered grains could kill him. Husband loved cereal. Husband is dead. — Copyright July 2, 2014 by Mike “TracyReaderDad” Pihlman.  This is fiction, I think.

  • “Nurse” by Mike Pihlman

    “Nurse”  by Mike Pihlman

    Nursing is a tough profession. Death, gore, and filth are normal. What is also normal is politics and vengeful head nurses. Day-after-day the Head Nurse was mean to her subordinates. While the nurses worked diligently and cared about their patients, the Head Nurse demeaned them. One day her head was found in the garbage outside […]

  • A Micro-Thriller Original Story: “Santa” by Mike Pihlman

    A Micro-Thriller Original Story: “Santa”  by Mike Pihlman

    I asked for, and got, my Christmas wish…. A shiny new 12 gauge shotgun… I was admiring my new present when I heard such a clatter…. The noise was louder than most and I was concerned about a burglar…. But I was ready… I saw a flash in the fireplace…. BANG.. Oooops….hey, kiddies, there is […]