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Kelli Stanley’s Blog Post

Kelli Stanley is an amazing author and even more amazing person. Here is a blog post that all my readers need to read and absorb. Kelli gave me permission to copy this.   Here is Kelli’s blog address. — The X-Factor Posted on March 24, 2014 by Kelli I’m just back from Monterey and Left Coast Crime. Incredible. Energizing. Inspirational! How inspirational was it,

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Book Review: “The Curse Maker” by Kelli Stanley

Book Review Genre:  Mystery, Roman Noir (Engrossing historical mystery, History 101 for me ) Rating:  3.5 WaterTowers “The Curse Maker” is an ARC sent to me by Kelli Stanley.  It is due in stores Feb 1, 2011.  For the sake of full disclosure….I love Kelli Stanley 🙂 Julius Alpinius Classicianus Favonianus (aka Arcturus), the Roman Governor’s Doctor and his wife

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Book Review: “City of Dragons” by Kelli Stanley

  Genre:  Mystery (Miranda rocks!) Rating:  3.5 WaterTowers This was an ARC sent to me by Kelli Stanley.  It will be in stores in Feb 2010. Miranda Corbie, troubled, chain-smoking, ex-escort, Spanish War nurse, part-time Worlds Fair employee, PI, was walking home during the Chinese New Year celebration when a nearly dead Eddie Takahashi crossed her path. He died with

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