“Redemption Games” by Barry Eisler

Genre: Thriller John Rain, assassin, is getting soft dreaming about the possibly of a normal life. He may die because of it... Buy It! John Rain is a Japanese American assassin. His specialty is killing people so it looks like a natural death or accident. His services are for hire. In "Redemption Games", the fourth … Continue reading “Redemption Games” by Barry Eisler

Book Review: “Torn Apart: The Abduction of Gillian Curtis” by Marta Sprout

Genre:  Mystery / Thriller (Surprising and scary) - This is an ARC sent to me by Marta Sprout.  It will be in stores in August 2013.  🙂 Gillian Curtis is now living with her father, Mike.  She hates it there and is planning to run away. Dr. Michael Curtis is the head of YorkCare medical … Continue reading Book Review: “Torn Apart: The Abduction of Gillian Curtis” by Marta Sprout

April 2013 Thrillers

Lots of books....happy reading! - The Famous and the Dead by T. Jefferson Parker Fox Hunt by James Phelan Unintended Consequences by Stuart Woods Extinction Machine by Jonathan Maberry Warrior Rogue by Nancy J. Cohen Let the Dead Sleep by Heather Graham A Time of Change by Aimee and David Thurlo The Libra Affair by Daco The Dark Tower Companion by Bev Vincent Don't … Continue reading April 2013 Thrillers

March 2013 Thrillers

  So many books....so little time.  Enjoy! Evil in All Its Disguises by Hilary Davidson The Boyfriend by Thomas Perry Frozen Solid by James M. Tabor Double Cross of Time by Mark de Castrique Rules of Crime by L.J. Sellers Hammett Unwritten by Owen Fitzstephen Obsession, Impulse and Power by Debra Webb Buried by Kendra Elliot Montana's Way by Shelia M Goss The Chalice by Nancy Bilyeau The … Continue reading March 2013 Thrillers

Book Review: “Critical” by Robin Cook

Genre:  Medical Thriller (Laurie Montgomery tackles MRSA) - Laurie Montgomery (for those who don't know Laurie is a NYC Medical Examiner) and her unstoppable curiosity find themselves entrenched in a medical mystery involving multiple cases of a fast evolving, and killing, MRSA bacteria. Most of the cases of this virulent form of MRSA are coming … Continue reading Book Review: “Critical” by Robin Cook