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  • “Free Hair Cut” by Mike Pihlman

    “Free Hair Cut” by Mike Pihlman

    Joan is a terrible boss. Losing her head over the slightest mistake. She treats her employees horribly and expects them to work long hours, for little pay, and no recognition. But that did not stop her employees from setting her up for a FREE haircut and perm for her birthday, with the promise that her […]

  • “Everyone Deserves to Be Happy” by Mike Pihlman

    “Everyone Deserves to Be Happy” by Mike Pihlman

    Old fashioned David does not like change or confrontation. Stuck in a loveless, hateful, marriage to a domineering, controlling, wife, David yearns to be free and happy. His therapist suggested opening up to a new world of technology. In fact, he can start slow by, for example, replacing his mercury thermostat with a digital version. David […]