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"Stress Ball" by Mike Pihlman

Genre: Horror Boss was a stress ball.  Unfortunately, Boss also stressed out everyone else. Tom does not like stress.  Neither does anyone else. Despite numerous attempts to relieve Boss’s stress, Tom, and the others, were out of ideas. Nothing worked:  Pizza and beer lunches ended with stress, jokes ended with […]

"Pins and Needles" by Mike Pihlman

Genre:  Horror Paul hates his Boss. Boss makes him open the Embroidery store early in the morning, work long hard hours, then close it late at night.  He pays little and expects everything. Paul knows what to do. He spends the night rigging the large embroidery machine that […]

"Zero Potential" by Mike Pihlman

It turns out I have several of these “technology / get your boss” stories floating around my yet unexploded brain.  Here is another one for your reading “enjoyment”. Genre:  Horror Lesson:  In electronics the point that is connected to ground is at zero potential. Pete was called into […]

"The Breaking Point" by Mike Pihlman

Genre:  Horror After years of hard work, Carl’s new life goal became crystal clear. It all started with a visit to his boss’s office to pick up his raise package.  Receiving a great written review, Carl expected a good raise.  With a wife, 4 kids, a balloon mortgage, and dog, Carl […]