“Damage Control” by J. A. Jance

“No One Heard Her Scream” by Jordan Dane

Genre: Mystery / Romance   Rating: 3.5 Water Towers “No One Heard Her Scream” is a First Look early reader edition from HarperCollins.It was delivered to stores this month. Mixing romance with mystery, Jordan Dane introduces characters that jump off the page and land, vividly, in your imagination.The heroine, Rebecca Montgomery, is a troubled police … Continue reading “No One Heard Her Scream” by Jordan Dane

“House Rules” by Mike Lawson

Genre: Thriller Rating: 4 Water Towers This book is an advance reader copy (uncorrected proof). “House Rules” by Mike Lawson is due in stores, in hardcover, in June 2008. It can be pre-ordered at Amazon.com. The back cover PR says that “Mike Lawson is a talented thriller writer who is only getting better”. That is … Continue reading “House Rules” by Mike Lawson

"Sisters in Sanity" by Gayle Forman

  My daughter, remember the one with talent in this family, wrote this for the Tracy Press awhile back. +++ Any parents would feel as if their prayers were answered if they saw an advertisement in a magazine for a school that promised to cure their teenage daughter of whatever behavioral problem she has. In … Continue reading "Sisters in Sanity" by Gayle Forman

“The Second Perimeter” by Mike Lawson

Genre: Fiction Rating: 3.5 Water Towers Following “Playing for Pizza” was a difficult task. But Mike Lawson’s “The Second Perimeter” succeeded where others failed. “The Second Perimeter” is Lawson’s second book and is everything you could want in a Thriller…..lots of action and intrigue with a touch of humor (and he writes about the Navy….of … Continue reading “The Second Perimeter” by Mike Lawson