“The Cough” by Mike Pihlman

Genre: Horror The latest medical break-thru allows patients with congestive heart disease to be implanted with Internet connected heart regulators. This technology has saved countless lives while allowing the patient's Doctors to remotely monitor their health. Each implant has it's own specific Internet Protocol (IP) address. Boss has one such implant. Unfortunately, Boss was a … Continue reading “The Cough” by Mike Pihlman

“The Last Galaxy” by Mike Pihlman

Husband is a techy-nerd and abuser. Wife has a plan to finally get out of this relationship. While Wife is on a business trip to Hawaii, Husband's birthday arrives, and so does a package. A birthday present! Opening the package, Husband is ecstatic:  A Galaxy Note 7 Wife is now rich and living in Hawaii. … Continue reading “The Last Galaxy” by Mike Pihlman