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  • “Ricin Raisins” by Mike Pihlman

    “Ricin Raisins” by Mike Pihlman

    Sorry it has taken me soooooo long for another micro-horror story…. — Brian loves raisins.  His friend does not. His friends wife makes lunch everyday…including raisins. One day Brian was found dead in his green-doored office. One wife is happy, the other not. — Copyright January 29, 2014 by Mike “TracyReaderDad” Pihlman.  This is fiction, […]

  • “Rapture” by Mike Pihlman

    “Rapture” by Mike Pihlman

    Genre: Horror Paul spent his last week preparing for the rapture everyone said was coming. He quit his job, told his nagging ass wife to stuff it, picked up with a particularly attractive hooker, and drove to Yosemite to hang out until 6 PM PST May 21. He was ready. As he was walking a […]

  • “Dead Red Wings” by Mike Pihlman

    “Dead Red Wings” by Mike Pihlman

    Genre: Horror Recent news reports are telling us that thousands of birds have fallen from the sky….dead.  Thousands of fish are suffering the same fate. In the last few hours of 2010, the alien species in control of Earth made a few software changes. The birds and fish are victims of a bug in the […]