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Book Review: “The Columbus Affair” by Steve Berry

Genre:  Thriller (Hidden Jewish Artifacts) – Disgraced Pulitzer-prize winning reporter Tom Sagan had his gun to his head when Zachariah Simon (who we met in “The Admiral’s Mark”, see my review) entered his home and offered him a deal. Simon would not kill his daughter, Alle, if Tom would help him locate priceless Jewish artifacts hidden from the world in

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Book Review: “The Admiral’s Mark” by Steve Berry

Genre: Thriller (Interesting Historical Adventure) Eight years before we get to know Cotton Malone, he lost his brother-in-law, Scott,  to drowning while Scott was diving in Haiti. The circumstances of this drowning were routinely handled by the authorities in Haiti and if it were not for Cotton’s wife (her sister was married to Scott) insisting that Cotton take a closer

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