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  • “The Six Sacred Stones” by Matthew Reilly

    — (Non-stop roller coaster action) — I have not read Matthew Reilly in awhile….sooo many books, sooo little time, but, when I do, I know that I need to take a deep breath, strap myself to my seat, and enjoy a 100 mph thrill-ride of a thriller. “The Six Sacred Stones” follows Jack West Jr. […]

  • “Temple” by Matthew Reilly

    “Temple” by Matthew Reilly

    Genre: Thriller   Matthew Reilly is anything but boring. The one or two sentences in the “Temple” that are calm are an oasis from the relentless, gory, death defying, and beyond belief, did I say R-E-L-E-N-T-L-E-S-S, action. “Temple” is an incredible thrill ride. Hmmmm, typical Reilly. “Temple” is two stories rolled into one. One, a […]