Short Story Summary: “Hysterical” by Kelli Stanley

I am starting a new series of short story reviews. The stories are part of an anthology that will be in "stores" June 16, 2020. The anthology is published by Nasty Woman Press which this blogger is a member (scroll down to click on the logo). You can order "Shattering Glass" on Amazon Smile and … Continue reading Short Story Summary: “Hysterical” by Kelli Stanley

“City of Sharks” by Kelli Stanley

Genre: Mystery This is an ARC sent to me by Kelli Stanley.  It is due in "stores" TODAY (March 20, 2018). Buy It!   September 17, 1940 Louise Crowley is afraid someone is trying to kill her. A secretary at Alexander Publishing, Louise has received threatening letters, was pushed into oncoming traffic, almost run over by … Continue reading “City of Sharks” by Kelli Stanley

TracyReaderDad’s Treasure Island Adventure

Dateline:  October 24, 2015 (Kristen's 24th Birthday) Background:  Author Kelli Stanley scheduled a presentation at 10 AM on Treasure Island, San Francisco.  For 5 years, we have been trying to meet, but, something always got in the way.  Today, both of our plans matched up.  I was excited to meet my friend, and Kelli was … Continue reading TracyReaderDad’s Treasure Island Adventure

“City of Ghosts” by Kelli Stanley

Genre:  Mystery (Miranda Corbie returns) Tracy, CA, July 1940 Sitting at my typewriter on a stifling hot evening.  The air in my office smells like Chesterfields and Bourbon.....the good kind. San Francisco Private Investigator, Miranda Corbie has just left. She needed a friend.  I was that friend. Here is what I know. And what I … Continue reading “City of Ghosts” by Kelli Stanley

Kelli Stanley’s Blog Post

Kelli Stanley is an amazing author and even more amazing person. Here is a blog post that all my readers need to read and absorb. Kelli gave me permission to copy this.   Here is Kelli's blog address. --- The X-Factor Posted on March 24, 2014 by Kelli I’m just back from Monterey and Left Coast Crime. Incredible. Energizing. … Continue reading Kelli Stanley’s Blog Post