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Mike Pihlman (TracyReaderDad)

Mike loves to read…

Mike has over 25 years experience in video conferencing, desktop videoconferencing, and IP-based  video conferencing network design, implementation, and support.  He has been a leader, since 1990, in the effort to bring desktop videoconferencing applications to fruition.

He is the former owner and founder of AltamontCowork, the first and only coworking location in Tracy, CA. He sold the business on Dec 31, 2014.

He is the Director of  a non-profit charity awarding college scholarships in honor of Carol Phan (Mike’s daughter’s best friend) who was killed with three other teens in a car crash on Sept 18, 2010, one day before she was to attend UC Davis.

Mike has a Masters in Electrical Engineering from the University of Kansas and is a member of Tau Beta Pi, the National Engineering Honor Society, and Eta Kappa Nu, the Electrical Engineering Honor Society.  He is a US Navy Vietnam Era veteran.  See his technology blog,, for everything GEEK. 🙂

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  1. Hi, Mike.
    I’m Mauro Azzano, author of the ‘Ian McBriar Murder Mystery’ series.
    I was pointed to your site by a friend, and just wanted to say I feel honored to be in the ITW new books page, in the company of some truly illustrious authors.

    I just wanted to answer, for all your readers, a couple of questions that I’m often asked at signings.
    – Yes, I have a day job. Most authors can’t support themselves from writing alone.
    – My books are NOT autobiographical. They’re set in the 1970’s for technical reasons, not nostalgic ones. The characters aren’t projections of me, but of course there are some similarities.
    – I get inspiration from all sorts of places. That said, after three books, my characters have definite personalities, and will act in their own way.

    No, I am not ex-police, nor ex-military. But I do my research.

    Best regards,



      1. Mike:
        I work in IT: it lets me talk to interesting people all day, then write them into books at night.
        By the way, the fourth, and penultimate, book in the ‘Ian McBriar’ series will be called ‘Death Never Lets Go’ and should be out in April.
        Let me know how you like it.



  2. Hi, Mike,

    I think you might have stopped by our shop here in Tracy to talk about mystery dinners – was that you?




  3. Hi there: Just happened on your site while googling for a list of an author’s books. It’s very helpful although the author I was searching for wasn’t included.
    What about P.J. Tracy and the ‘Monkee Wrench’ series?


  4. Thanks for the reply. I think I will become a member. Sounds interesting. Also, where is AltamontCowork? Sorry I missed you at the Barnes and Noble book signing, but I understand about prom dresses. I raised 4 daughters myself with my last one still in high school. Thanks.


  5. Greetings. I am intrigued by your site. As the caterpillar asked Alice, “Whoooo R U?” Someone pointed out to me that my novel, The Blue Mexican, was mentioned by you as a twitter thing, or something like that. I am the author of The Blue Mexican, the majority of which takes place in Tracy, CA, during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. It is an existential journey, very literary, of a search of one’s soul. Are you from Tracy originally? Your face doesn’t look familiar and I am probably a bit older than you, so maybe if you are from Tracy, I may know your parents. Seems you’re quite the reader. I just had a highly successful book signing in Tracy last weekend and am scheduled for one in Stockton on the 3rd of April. My novel got quite a review by a columnist from The Stockton Record last month. Have you or are you planning on reading my novel? If so, I’d be curious to know what you think. Take care.
    Danny T. Ruiz, author of The Blue Mexican.


    1. I have been in Tracy since 1985 (April 5th will 25 years. I picked up a copy of your book at Barnes & Noble (Galen showed it to me). I planned on meeting you at the book signing but Prom dress shopping took precedence. 🙂 Stop by AltamontCowork sometime to say Hi! Yes, I will read it. The problem is I have soooooo many books and I’m such a slow reader…..also if you want to join our Book Lovers club on Tracy Island Online we have 27 members and Robin Burcell (Author of “The Bone Chamber”) is also a member. It’s free.


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