Rating Rubric

I am bringing the WaterTower rating system back by popular demand.  Here is a simple rubric on my 1 to 5 rating of books that I have read.

1 WaterTower: Ugh, the book mark is stuck early in the book

2 WaterTowers: OK, but, the bookmark may be stuck later in the book, or I may have had to skim parts of it to make it through.

Here are some clunkers….

3 WaterTowers: Good to Very Good, I enjoyed the book, but, I could put it down to do other things.  For some reason, first books in a series do this to me.  As an example, see my first review of the stupendous “Pendragon” series.  Perhaps I am just getting to know the characters.

4 WaterTowers: Very Good to Excellent…hard to put down…enjoyed it tremendously.  And, as I am reading it,  I keep thinking about it when it is closed.

5 WaterTowers: Enthralling, put down only because of the need to survive or take care of normal bodily functions.

This rubric subject to change.  I know it leaves a lot of leeway….but, I do not know of a way to quantify my feelings about a certain book.  Yet…I’ll keep programming.  🙂

Just so you know…the ARC’s I have been getting have all been in the 3 to 5 category! Awesome books….so far.

ARC inquiries: literacy@forcarol.com (Mike)


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