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  • Book Review: “House Rules” by Mike Lawson

    Book Review: “House Rules” by Mike Lawson

    Genre: Thriller Rating: 4 Water Towers This book is an advance reader copy (uncorrected proof). “House Rules” by Mike Lawson is due in stores, in hardcover, in June 2008. It can be pre-ordered at The back cover PR says that “Mike Lawson is a talented thriller writer who is only getting better”. That is […]

  • Book Review: “The Second Perimeter” by Mike Lawson

    Genre: Fiction Rating: 3.5 Water Towers Following “Playing for Pizza” was a difficult task. But Mike Lawson’s “The Second Perimeter” succeeded where others failed. “The Second Perimeter” is Lawson’s second book and is everything you could want in a Thriller…..lots of action and intrigue with a touch of humor (and he writes about the Navy….of […]