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  • “Pendragon The Soldiers of Halla” by D.J. MacHale

    “Pendragon The Soldiers of Halla” by D.J. MacHale

    Genre: Fantasy Rating: 5 WaterTowers (OMG awesome!!!!) Spoiler Warning: Do not read this review if you intend to read the previous Pendragon books. This review will spoil it all and the series is way too good to let that happen!  Go here for reviews of all the previous books. Buy it! Hobey Ho! The adventure […]

  • Pendragon Countdown

       Go here to read my reviews of ALL the Pendragon books.   🙂 I will pause the ARC’s for a day, or three, to read the last Pendragon book due in…..THREE DAYS! YIKES! I need to finish “Trust No One”. 🙂 Hobey-Ho…..the adventure will conclude. I am psyched… UPDATE:  So far….The Soldiers of Halla […]

  • “Pendragon Raven Rise” by D.J. MacHale

    “Pendragon Raven Rise” by D.J. MacHale

    Genre:  Fantasy Buy it! Hobey-Ho! All Halla is breaking loose. Saint Dane has taken advantage of the mixing of territories and more than one territory is in danger of falling. Bobby has checked out as lead traveler and is helping the people of Ibara rebuild their civilization.  Alder has his hands full on Denduron as […]

  • “Pendragon The Pilgrims of Rayne” by D.J. MacHale

      Genre: Fantasy Buy it! Hobey-Ho! The adventure continues with Bobby traveling to the idyllic tropical paradise of Ibara. As he arrives, he is greeted by a swarm of killer bees….quigs….who nearly kill him. Luckily, he is rescued by fishermen and nursed back to health by Telleo a very attractive young woman with a knack […]

  • “Pendragon The Quillan Games” by D.J. MacHale

     Genre: Fantasy Rating: 5 Water Towers Buy it!   Hobey-Ho!   Imagine living in a territory where you can play arcade games all day long. These arcades are huge, with flashing lights, loud music, and challenging games. There are huge flat panel displays on the tops of every building showing super exciting competitions that you […]

  • “Pendragon The Rivers of Zadaa” by D.J. MacHale

    Genre: Fantasy Buy it! Hobey-Ho! Bobby, Loor (the Traveler from Zadaa and a Batu warrior), Saangi (Loor’s acolyte) and Alder (the Traveler from Denduron) match wits with Saint Dane to try to save Loor’s home territory of Zadaa. Zadaa has been hit hard by a drought. The Rokador, who live underground and control the rivers […]

  • “Pendragon Black Water” by D.J. MacHale

    Genre: Fantasy Buy it! Hobey-Ho!   “It’s not good to eat junk food for dinner. It’s not good for your health”. Mark and Courtney gave each other a sideways look. “I can think of a lot of things bad for your health.” Courtney said. “Burgers aren’t high on the list”. “Pendragon Black Water” marks a […]

  • Pendragon Book Review Marathon

    Hobey-Ho I have made a decision, based on my daughters input (she is now reading Raven Rise) and the fact that I have just finished “Pendragon Black Water” which I will post this weekend (hint: this is a whopping, rollicking “tum-tigger” 5 WaterTower book). I will read the rest of the Pendragon series now, so […]

  • “Pendragon The Reality Bug” by D.J. MacHale

    Genre: Fantasy Rating: 5 Water Towers Buy it!  Hobey-Ho! “People don’t communicate with real people anymore, they’re too busy living inside their own heads and creating characters to act in their own personal dramas. Nothing is happening. Nothing is moving forward. Nothing is real. Veelox is dead.” Prophecy about our own future?Possibly.Description of what happens […]

  • “Pendragon The Never War” by D.J. MacHale

    “Pendragon The Never War” by D.J. MacHale

    Genre: Fantasy Buy it!  Hobey-Ho! The third book in the D.J. MacHale series is a rousing adventure second to none. Yes, second to none and tied with one (I’ll let you guess….ahhh…….HP). A real tum-tigger. Bobby and Spader travel to Veelox where we meet Traveler, Aja Killian. Or rather, her floating holographic head informing Bobby […]