Book Review: “Pendragon The Lost City of Faar” by D.J. MacHale

Genre: Children’s Fantasy

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Pendragon: The Lost City of Faar is the second book in the Pendragon series. My daughter told me I would enjoy the books more and more as I read them (she has finished the latest, number eight, out of a planned ten). She was right.I was instantly enthralled and now consider myself a Bobby Pendragon fan much as I was (and still am) a Harry Potter fan.

After a short visit to their home territory of Second Earth, Uncle Press and Bobby Pendragon say goodbye to Loor (who returns to her home territory of Zadaa) and flume to the territory of Cloral in search of the evil Saint Dane (who, if you remember, is trying to take over Halla by causing the territories of Halla to fall like dominos, the Travelers goal is to save Halla from Saint Dane).

Bobby is getting more used to the flume rides and enjoyed this one much more than he had in Book One. Uncle Press had given him some advance warning (“Remember the Cannonball?”), so Bobby was somewhat prepared for the end of the flume ride when he shot out into water. A few seconds later, a very enthusiastic Uncle Press arrived with a beautiful dive into the water. Cloral is, we find out, Uncle Press’s favorite territory, and I must say, I also like it. Cloral is a tropical paradise completely covered by water. The cities of Cloral are humongous and float.

On Second Earth, Mark and Courtney continue to await and read Bobby’s journals.On one particular instance in the Boy’s bathroom on the third floor of Stony Brook Junior High, a custodian surprised them while they were reading.Fleeing his wrath, Mark and Courtney, as they find out much later, left behind one page of the latest journal.Later that night, they go dumpster diving in search of the missing page but could not find it.The next day, Mark goes to school early and asks the custodian where it might be.Mr. Dorrico (the custodian) tells him he has a rule to leave schoolwork where he found it in case the person who lost it goes back to find it.Mark rushes to the third floor boy’s bathroom and to his dismay finds bully Andy Mitchell reading the page.To make matters worse, Andy now wants to read ALL the journals and as bad luck may have it, witnesses the arrival of a new journal.Mark is devastated, but, decides to handle the situation on his own and not tell Courtney.

On Cloral, Uncle Press and Bobby meet up with Spader, a fun loving very capable, aquaneer on the floating city of Grallion.Spader saves Uncle Press and Bobby from the Cloral version of the evil quigs…very large sharks.

After several weeks on Grallion (a farming community responsible for growing food for Cloral) the floating city of Magorran was to rendezvous with Grallion and Spader was to meet with his father who lived and worked on Magorran.

Unfortunately, Magorran does not stop where it is supposed to and rams into Grallion causing major damage to both cities.After boarding Magorran, Uncle Press, Bobby, Spader, and other aquaneers from Grallion find that everyone on Magorian, including Spader’s father, were dead.

Saint Dane is the main suspect.

To wrap up the rest of the story without ruining the plot is difficult.But, very quickly, Faar is a fabled city on Cloral much the same as Atlantis is here on Second Earth.Spader’s father (the Traveler from Cloral) left Spader a map detailing the location of Faar.

Uncle Press now understands that the turning point on Cloral hinges on Faar, and that Saint Dane needs to be stopped before he finds it.In the ensuing battles, Cloral is forever changed as are Bobby Pendragon and new Cloral Traveler the young Spader.

Now that Harry Potter has completed its run, I now have a new fantasy series (thanks to Kristen’s urging to read Pendragon) to look forward to reading every month or two. As I mentioned above D. J. MacHale has finished eight of a scheduled ten Pendragon books, so I have plenty to read. I am definitely looking forward to it!





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