“The Fixer” by Joseph Finder

Genre: Thriller Rick Hoffman was an up and coming investigative reporter for the Boston Globe when he was wooed away for a job, and much larger salary, as Editor of a classy Boston-based magazine, Back Bay. With his high-class taste, a great job at Back Bay, and a beautiful fiance.....Rick's life was pretty darn good. … Continue reading “The Fixer” by Joseph Finder

“Killer Instinct” by Joseph Finder

Genre: Thriller Jason Steadman is stalled in his career at a high tech company. He makes a friend and starts climbing the corporate ladder. Is murder involved? Buy It! Jason Steadman is a salesman for an electronic display company, Entronics. Jason is a decent guy, married to Kate, who's career has probably peaked because he … Continue reading “Killer Instinct” by Joseph Finder

“Power Play” by Joseph Finder

Genre: Thriller (Executives Held Hostage) - Jake Landry works as the assistant to Mike Zorn, the program manager of Hammond Aerospace's new 880 airplane.  As such, Jake probably knows more about the mostly composite 880 than anyone in the company. Mike is at the Paris Airshow when a competitors plane (and an 880 rival) crashes … Continue reading “Power Play” by Joseph Finder

“Buried Secrets” by Joseph Finder

(2nd Nick Heller) Genre: Thriller -- "Buried Secrets" is the second (and so far last) of the Nick Heller series.  A few years back, Joseph Finder sent me an ARC of  "Vanished" which was the first Nick Heller.  See my review of "Vanished" here.  In the meantime, soooo many books so little time, I have … Continue reading “Buried Secrets” by Joseph Finder

“Vanished” by Joseph Finder

Rating: 4 WaterTowers (Nick rocks and he tweets) Genre:  Thriller So many books, so little time. Over the years, I have seen, and thumbed through, Joseph Finder's books (between Eisler and Flynn).  I knew he was dead-on what I like to read....spys,  killing, and murder....but, even though I have two of his books in my … Continue reading “Vanished” by Joseph Finder