Book Review: “Killer Instinct” by Joseph Finder

Genre: Thriller

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Jason Steadman is stalled in his career at a high tech company. He makes a friend and starts climbing the corporate ladder. Is murder involved?

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Jason Steadman is a salesman for an electronic display company, Entronics.

Jason is a decent guy, married to Kate, who’s career has probably peaked because he lacks the “Killer Instinct” needed to progress up the corporate ladder.

Driving his car too fast while distracted (DUH….Drive Safe!) he crashes it on the side of the road. Getting a tow, he and the tow truck driver, Kurt Semko, hit it off.

Kurt was dishonorably discharged from the Army special forces, but, seems, to Jason, to be a good guy…..and very knowledgeable.

Jason helps Kurt get a security position at Entronics where Kurt shines, and things start happening for Jason that help him standout as the premiere sales person at Entronics.

But Jason becomes suspicious: Is his recent string of good luck because of Kurt?

To find out what happens, you will need to read the book. 🙂

“Killer Instinct” is a terrific read. Fast, tense, and a nice history lesson in technology (as of about 2006) back when plasma TV screens were all the rage. Interestingly, Finder mentions OLED’s which are just NOW (in 2016) becoming affordable in HDTV’s…..very cool (at least to


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