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  • Election 2016

    Election 2016

    “Dark times lie ahead of us and there will be a time when we must choose between what is easy and what is right.” -Albus Dumbledore Not much more to say than what has already been said except that, it is time to continue do what is right…..for people of every color, every race, every […]

  • TracyReaderDad’s Treasure Island Adventure

    TracyReaderDad’s Treasure Island Adventure

    Dateline:  October 24, 2015 (Kristen’s 24th Birthday) Background:  Author Kelli Stanley scheduled a presentation at 10 AM on Treasure Island, San Francisco.  For 5 years, we have been trying to meet, but, something always got in the way.  Today, both of our plans matched up.  I was excited to meet my friend, and Kelli was […]

  • “We Three” by Mike and Kristen Pihlman

    “We Three” by Mike and Kristen Pihlman

    In early 2001 we went to DisneyWorld in Florida.  Kristen was 9 years old at the time.  One day, she and I were sitting near the lake at Epcot when we conjured up (what we thought was) a great story plot.  We thought of several titles as well, one being “Me, Myself, and I”.  It […]

  • The eBook Bookstore

    The eBook Bookstore

    I ran across this article on CNN this morning. Very interesting and very scary for those of us who LOVE books, but, the changes in how bookstores evolve in the next few years will be interesting to watch. To summarize the article:  Borders is going under chapter 11, and Barnes & Noble stock is down […]