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  • “Origin” by Dan Brown

    “Origin” by Dan Brown

    Genre: Thriller “Where do we come from? Where are we going?” A few days ago….. Edmond Kirsch, atheist, scientist, and billionaire, thinks he has answered those two most fundamental questions.

  • Book Review: “Inferno” by Dan Brown

    Genre:  Thriller (History, Symbolism, Action) Robert Langdon wakes up in the hospital.  He thinks he is close to Harvard University, but, when he looks out the window he realizes he is in Florence, Italy! How in the world did he get there?  He has no memory of the past 48 hours, and to top it […]

  • “The Lost Symbol” by Dan Brown

    “The Lost Symbol” by Dan Brown

      Genre: Thriller Rating:  5 WaterTowers “And I guarantee you, as soon as I publish my work, the Twitterati will all be sending tweets that say, ‘learning about Noetics‘, and interest in this science will explode exponentially.” Dan Brown rocks the thriller world with “The Lost Symbol”.   A rollicking novel that deftly weaves science […]