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  • “Dark Sky” by C.J. Box

    “Dark Sky” by C.J. Box

    Genre: Thriller Wyoming Game Warden Joe Pickett and Rancher Brock Boedecker are waiting at the Saddlestring airport for the arrival of Silicon Valley billionairre and social media (ConFab) tycoon, Steve Price aka Steve-2, to land in his private jet. Joe and Brock are ready to start the elk hunting expedition that Wyoming Gov Colter Allen […]

  • Book Review: “Long Range” by C.J. Box

    Book Review: “Long Range” by C.J. Box

    Genre: Thriller “Long Range” takes place 6 months after the massacre in the last book. We now have a new Sheriff, new County Prosecutor, new Doctor. Saddlestring, Wyoming has changed……for the better? Ah, NO! Joe Pickett is helping out a fellow Game Warden near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. A hunting guide has been killed by a […]

  • Book Review: “The Bitterroots” by C.J. Box

    Book Review: “The Bitterroots” by C.J. Box

    Genre: Thriller After the events of the last book, Cassie Dewell has moved her family (mother, Isabel, and 14 year old son, Ben) back to Montana (Bozeman). With the desire still strong to uphold the law, even though her law enforcement career is now behind her, Cassie is now a small business owner: Dewell Investigations, […]

  • Book Review: “Paradise Valley” by C. J. Box

    Book Review: “Paradise Valley” by C. J. Box

    Genre: Thriller Three years after the events in “Badlands”, Cassie Dewell has settled in as the “best Chief Investigator” Bakken County Sheriff Jon Kirkbride has ever worked with. Her 12 year old son, Ben, and mother Isabel are likewise thriving. And, at 39 years old….Cassie is engaged! Cassie is smart and persistent; a true bad-ass. […]

  • Once Upon a Crime: Five Authors Write a Short Story in Real Time

    Once Upon a Crime: Five Authors Write a Short Story in Real Time

    Ok, well, this was a VERY cool live streaming event that had this fanboy’s mind spinning after it was over. St. Martin’s Press and Minotaur Books, with Criminal Element, hosted a live streaming event June 24, 2020 where five invited authors would write a short story in real-time. But first….. I signed up for this […]

  • Book Review: “Wolf Pack” by C.J. Box

    Book Review: “Wolf Pack” by C.J. Box

    Genre: Thriller Plot 1 Katelyn Hamm is the Game Warden in the district next to Joe Pickett’s. She is out taking wildlife assessments when she sees a large drone chasing winter weakened (this happens in April) wildlife. Some of the wildlife die, and Katelyn is pissed. She notifies Joe and they both decide to take […]

  • Short Story Review: “Honor &…” by Sandra Brown and C.J. Box

    Short Story Review: “Honor &…” by Sandra Brown and C.J. Box

    Genre: Thriller A short story collaboration between old friend, Joe Pickett, and newly met, Lee Coburn. If you read this blog, you know that Joe Pickett is a Wyoming Game Warden, he can’t shoot a pistol to save his life, he is not afraid of anyone or anything, has a wife and three daughters, and […]

  • “The Disappeared” by C.J. Box

    “The Disappeared” by C.J. Box

    Genre: Thriller Joe Pickett, Game Warden in Saddlestring, WY, is sent on a special assignment for (newly elected) Governor Allen. He is to pick up the investigation where the Wyoming DCI team left off….when the impetuous Governor fired them! The orders from this asshole Governor are: “Do it or lose your job. And keep Nate […]

  • Book Review: “Badlands” by C.J. Box

    Book Review: “Badlands” by C.J. Box

    Genre: Thriller Grinstad, North Datkota is in the middle of an oil boom. The population has grown beyond the capabilities of the town and the increase in crime, drugs, prostitution, and murder has followed. There are not enough police in town to stem the flow…. Kyle Westergaard, 12, was finishing up his early morning paper […]

  • “Vicious Circle” by C.J. Box

    “Vicious Circle” by C.J. Box

    “Vicious Circle” is #17 in the Joe Pickett (a Wyoming Game warden) series. A fast, brutal, thriller that leaves you gasping for air. Make sure your ears are covered.