Book Review: “Wolf Pack” by C.J. Box

Genre: Thriller

Plot 1

Katelyn Hamm is the Game Warden in the district next to Joe Pickett’s. She is out taking wildlife assessments when she sees a large drone chasing winter weakened (this happens in April) wildlife. Some of the wildlife die, and Katelyn is pissed.

She notifies Joe and they both decide to take down the drones with Nate’s raptors. They do that, give tickets to the offending party (a man named Bill Hill who is new to the area), and are promptly intimidated by FBI agents to forget the tickets and drop the charges.

Well……Katelyn is intimidated…..Joe can’t be intimidated.

The shit hits the fan.

Plot 2

A team of four cartel assassins find an informant who has been put in the witness protection program in Arizona. The assassins kill everyone within the informants circle of family and friends, but, not without first finding out where their true target is now living:

A small town in Wyoming.

Nate sees the outsiders arrive in Saddlestring while he is gathering pigeons for his raptors to train on: His special forces danger radar goes into high gear.

He tells Joe…..and…..the shit hits the fan.

Plot 3

Joe has his job back, a new home, and a new truck. Daisy, his yellow lab, has claimed the passenger seat, as always. Joe and Marybeth have one daughter left at home: Lucy who is getting ready to graduate from high school. Lucy is dating Justin, a new kid in town, and surprisingly Joe “likes” him (unlike the other losers his other two daughters, Sheridan and April, have dated).

Joe spots a black alpha male wolf in his district. He notes the sighting and assumes the wolf’s pack is somewhere close.

Nate and Liv are doing well with Yarak, Inc (their falconry business) and are planing a wedding! Yikes….Nate married? OMFG. Not only that, but, there is another surprise…..even more shocking.

But……the nice, peaceful times are about to end.

Plots 1, 2, and 3 Collide

Things go “western” as the three plots combine and, sadly, not everyone survives…. (have tissue handy…I needed it).

“Wolf Pack” is a big-time-shit-hitting-the-fan, brutal, gory, impossible to put down, Joe Pickett / Nate Romanowski / C.J. Box thriller.

I have read every book….see my review of book #1 “Open Season” here.

I need to catch my breath!!!! Whew…..Lori, please pass me the tissue. 😢😢😢

More C.J. Box…..a lot more. 🙂


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