Book Review: “Nowhere to Run” by C.J. Box

nowhere to run


Genre:  Mystery

4-Watertowers(Joe and Nate kick ass)

Wyoming Game Warden Joe Pickett is about to leave his year long “exile” in Baggs, Wyoming.  Although he is anxious to get home, he has one more wilderness trip to take to make sure everything is in tip-top shape for his replacement.

This wilderness area is the same location where a runner went missing several years before.  And now, there have been reports of elk being taken and butchered.

With his two horses Joe heads out and encounters twin brothers (the Grim Brothers) who are living in the wilderness and do not really want to be bothered.   Joe, being Joe, insists that they will be ticketed for fishing without a license.

They insist Joe leave, and when he finally does, they hunt him down.

“Nowhere to Run” is an excellent adventure mystery.  The mystery of the missing runner, why the brothers are there all come together in a rousing ending.

This is book #10 in the Joe Pickett series and one of the most exciting.



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