“Subterranean” by James Rollins

Genre: Thriller Ashley Carter is a single mom (to Jason) and a Paleoanthropology Assistant Professor specializing in cliff-dwelling primatives. What in the world would the U.S. Government want her for? Well, they need her to lead a team of biologists, geologists, and caving experts on a "research" mission beneath the Antarctic Ice Shelf. Ashley is … Continue reading “Subterranean” by James Rollins

“Tracker: A Short Story Exclusive” by James Rollins

Genre: Thriller This is a short story prequel to "Bloodline" by James Rollins. Ex-Army Ranger and dog handler, Tucker Wayne, and his faithful companion (and his military superior), Kane, are enjoying coffee at a bistro in Budapest, Hungary. Kane is a Belgian Malinois and was trained to act as Tucker's right hand man in Afghanistan. … Continue reading “Tracker: A Short Story Exclusive” by James Rollins

“Black Order” by James Rollins

 (Third SIGMA Book) Genre: Thriller - As WW II was coming to an end, the Nazis dismantled, or hid, a lot of the technology / science they were working on. They also executed the scientists and engineers working on some of these advanced technologies / sciences. Many years later in the Himalayan Mountains, a strange … Continue reading “Black Order” by James Rollins

Book Review: "Altar of Eden" by James Rollins

BUY it! Genre:  Thriller / Adventure Rating:  4 WaterTowers (Awesome thrill ride) This book was signed by James Rollins and sold at Costco.  I grabbed it. 2003: At the recently destroyed Zoo in Bagdad, Iraq two boys searching for scraps of food witness a strange beast mauling a murderer.  Under the cover of the chaos, … Continue reading Book Review: "Altar of Eden" by James Rollins

"Excavation" Book Review

Genre: Thriller: Adventure James Rollins has a great imagination. This is, I think, the 4th book of his I have read and Excavation did not disappoint. In 1538, in the Andes Mountains in Peru, Friar Francisco de Almagro is running for his life from Inca warriors. He just escaped his fate (death) to try to … Continue reading "Excavation" Book Review