Book Review: “Black Order” by James Rollins

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3.5-Watertowers TracyReaderDad Book Reviews (Third SIGMA Book)

Genre: Thriller

As WW II was coming to an end, the Nazis dismantled, or hid, a lot of the technology / science they were working on. They also executed the scientists and engineers working on some of these advanced technologies / sciences.

Many years later in the Himalayan Mountains, a strange light sickened Monks in a monastery.  Investigating, Painter Crowe, Director of Sigma, was taken captive effectively disappearing off the grid.

At the same time, Gray Pierce, Sigma Operative, is in Copenhagen seeking to buy the Darwin Bible when it comes up for auction.  This bible is sought after for the significant, coded, information it holds regarding some of the old Nazis experiments concerning human evolution and the creation of a superior race.

From opposite sides of the globe, Sigma starts to unravel the mysteries of the Bell and continued efforts to develop the perfect white race.

“Black Order” is an interesting thriller although not James Rollins’s best. I loved the science and technology and the action is fast and furious, especially in Africa as the Sigma team closes in on the truth… control.

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