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  • Book Review: “Ultimate Power” by Stephen Frey

    Book Review: “Ultimate Power” by Stephen Frey

    Genre: Thriller A.J. Falcon is a 31 year old investment banker at the huge wall street firm: Sutton & Company. He is sitting in the office on the 47th floor wondering if he will get what he thinks he is going to get…..a partnership. Since no one under age 40 has gotten that, he doubts…

  • Book Review: “Jury Town” by Stephen Frey

    Book Review: “Jury Town” by Stephen Frey

    Genre: Thriller (Superb: Stephen Frey is Baaack) Buy It! A number of large cases in Virginia are being decided in favor of big corporations. These decisions are detrimental to the good of society while benefiting only the very few. Jurors are being threatened. They are told to vote one way or risk losing

  • Book Review: “Kodiak Sky” by Stephen Frey

    Book Review: “Kodiak Sky” by Stephen Frey

      Genre: Thriller (Red Cell Seven Under Attack) Buy It! Red Cell Seven agent, Troy Jensen, is on a mission to kill drug cartel leader and terrorist, Daniel Gadanz. The mission does not succeed as Gadanz escapes

  • Book Review: “Red Cell Seven” by Stephen Frey

    Book Review: “Red Cell Seven” by Stephen Frey

    (Exciting) Genre:  Thriller Note:  With this book review I will revert back to my old style of writing as much about the book as I want / need rather than limiting the reviews to less than 250 words.  So I will be more verbose!  Yea? “Red Cell Seven” is the 2nd book in the “Red…

  • Book Review: “Arctic Fire” by Stephen Frey

    Book Review: “Arctic Fire” by Stephen Frey

      – (Another Stephen Frey roller-coaster) Genre: Thriller For the first time ever, I read two Stephen Frey books in a row.  He uses a lot of the same names…I never realized that before.  🙂 To his family and friends, Troy Jensen is a daredevil.  To the U.S. Govt, Troy Jensen is one of the…

  • Book Review: “Hell’s Gate” by Stephen Frey

    Book Review: “Hell’s Gate” by Stephen Frey

    Genre:  Thriller – High powered New York City litigation attorney, Hunter Lee, just kicked some major butt in Montana.  He won a huge award for several families in Fort Mason, Montana who were injured (or killed) in a derailment of rail cars carrying dangerous and deadly products. Hunter’s brother, Strat, lives in Fort Mason and…

  • Book Review: “Heaven’s Fury” by Stephen Frey

    Genre:  Thriller (Typical Frey fast and furious) Bruner, Wisconsin Sheriff Paul Summers is at his last stop as a law enforcement officer.   Not because Paul is old, but, because he has been screwed over twice before (intentionally) and, like in baseball, three strikes and you are out. Bruner, Wisconsin is a sleepy town where…

  • Book Review: “The Fourth Order” by Stephen Frey

    Rating:  3 WaterTowers (a more deliberate Frey) Genre: Thriller “The Fourth Order” is a secret government “gray ops” agency that has been activated only four times since the Civil War.  The object of the Order is to protect the United States…by any means possible.  Including kidnapping, torture, and……… murder. Unlike other Stephen Frey books, “The…

  • Three Quick Book Reviews

    Three Quick Book Reviews

    As I was long term subbing for the 7th grade class, I fell behind a bit in my reading and blogs. Here are 3 short reviews of the books I read while subbing. “The First Billion” by Christopher Reich 3 WaterTowers Jeff Gavallan is planning to take a new Russian telecommunications company public. Unfortunately, Gavallan…

  • “The Chairman and The Protege” Book Reviews

    Book Reviews: Stephen Frey: “The Chairman” and “The Protege” Stephen Frey is one of my all time favorite authors. Most of his books are stand-alone novels, but, the last two need to be read in order and could almost be one big book (like some Harry Potter books (by the way, I thought Half Blood…