Book Review: “Jury Town” by Stephen Frey

jury town

Genre: Thriller

4.5-Watertowers(Superb: Stephen Frey is Baaack)

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A number of large cases in Virginia are being decided in favor of big corporations. These decisions are detrimental to the good of society while benefiting only the very few.

Jurors are being threatened. They are told to vote one way or risk losing everything due to the skeletons in their past.

Victoria Lewis is the former Governor of Virginia. Her task was to implement a radically new method for trials in the state.

In an old abandoned prison, Victoria built a secure “home” for professional jurors who will forgo ALL contact with the outside world for 2 years. At the end of their term, they will receive $2 million.

But, the secret organization responsible for the jury tampering are not stopping……and they will murder to get what they want.

“Jury Town” is a creative, thrilling, novel. Finally returning to somewhat more familiar territory (financial / legal thriller), Steven Frey has hit a home run. An absolutely terrific read.

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