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  • “Free Hair Cut” by Mike Pihlman

    “Free Hair Cut” by Mike Pihlman

    Joan is a terrible boss. Losing her head over the slightest mistake. She treats her employees horribly and expects them to work long hours, for little pay, and no recognition. But that did not stop her employees from setting her up for a FREE haircut and perm for her birthday, with the promise that her…

  • “Because of Me” by Mike Pihlman

    “Because of Me” by Mike Pihlman

    This week, during a pandemic, a country music star held a concert for over 1,000 people. ….

  • “Everyone Deserves to Be Happy” by Mike Pihlman

    “Everyone Deserves to Be Happy” by Mike Pihlman

    Old fashioned David does not like change or confrontation. Stuck in a loveless, hateful, marriage to a domineering, controlling, wife, David yearns to be free and happy. His therapist suggested opening up to a new world of technology. In fact, he can start slow by, for example, replacing his mercury thermostat with a digital version. David…

  • “Rejoice” by Mike Pihlman

    “Rejoice” by Mike Pihlman

    The Woman on the Fire Escape just offed her abusive Boss. Coworkers rejoice! This very very short story was inspired by a meme posted by Carolyn Haines on Facebook where the month you were born and the day gives you the title of a story. Mine was: Month: The Woman Day: On the Fire Escape…

  • “Off-Your-Boss: Killer Chronicles” by Mike Pihlman

    “Off-Your-Boss: Killer Chronicles” by Mike Pihlman

    “Off-Your-Boss: Killer Chronicles” by Mike Pihlman Prologue I am average. An average engineer, albeit one with a master’s degree, an average husband, quite boring in fact,  and an average father.  A little shorter than average, a little heavier, but overall not someone you would notice in a crowd. Not someone who could write a great…

  • “Sex Robot” by Mike Pihlman

    “Sex Robot” by Mike Pihlman

    Boss is lonely, nasty, and vindictive. Employees are miserable. Boss loves technology and purchased the latest sex robot to take care of lonely. One day, the office techy hacked into the robot. Boss was lonely, nasty, and vindictive. Employees are happy. Another in the “Off Your Boss” series of micro-horror stories. Copyright Sept 14, 2017…

  • “Nuts” by Mike Pihlman

    “Nuts” by Mike Pihlman

    Husband was a cheater. Wife suffered for years, but, has had enough. After dinner one night, Wife asked Husband if she could put nuts in the disposal. “Yes” replied Husband Later that night…..nuts went in the disposal. Wife disappeared. — Another in the “Off Your Boss” series of micro-horror stories. Copyright Nov 17, 2016 by…

  • “You’re Dead” by Mike Pihlman

    “You’re Dead” by Mike Pihlman

    You are happily living your life. Walking the dog, running, hiking, laughing, crying… But you are dead. Facebook said so. Damn. Copyright Nov 11, 2016. A new  “Off Your Boss” micro-horror story by Mike Pihlman. This is fiction?

  • “Nasty Woman” by Mike Pihlman

    “Nasty Woman” by Mike Pihlman

    Employees hate their relatively stupid, and very mean, Boss. Woman employee uses too many words for Boss to understand, after all, he only has a 150 word vocabulary. Trying to get his head around all those very very big words, very big words……Boss’s head explodes. Nasty woman. Happy employees. Copyright Nov 11, 2016. A new…

  • “Ok Google” by Mike Pihlman

    “Ok Google” by Mike Pihlman

      Android just introduced spells from Harry Potter for your phone. “Ok Google lumos”…..lights the flashlight “Ok Google nox”…..turns off the flashlight “Ok Google silencio”…..silences the phone Pointing his phone at his intolerable, mean, self centered, Boss, Employee says: “Ok Google avada kadavra”…… Boss drops dead Ok,  Google! — Copyright Nov 2, 2016. A new…