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  • “The Cough” by Mike Pihlman

    “The Cough” by Mike Pihlman

    Genre: Horror The latest medical break-thru allows patients with congestive heart disease to be implanted with Internet connected heart regulators. This technology has saved countless lives while allowing the patient’s Doctors to remotely monitor their health. Each implant has it’s own specific Internet Protocol (IP) address. Boss has one such implant. Unfortunately, Boss was a […]

  • “The Last Galaxy” by Mike Pihlman

    “The Last Galaxy” by Mike Pihlman

    Husband is a techy-nerd and abuser. Wife has a plan to finally get out of this relationship. While Wife is on a business trip to Hawaii, Husband’s birthday arrives, and so does a package. A birthday present!

  • “Hot Water” by Mike Pihlman

    “Hot Water” by Mike Pihlman

    Boss owns a plumbing & heating supply company. Unfortunately, all he understands is how to scold his employees. They can never do right in his eyes. His water heater went out and Boss called Jay to fix it. The next morning, during his shower, Boss died from excessively hot water. The scolder was scalded. — […]

  • “Genetically Modified Organisms” by Mike Pihlman

    “Genetically Modified Organisms” by Mike Pihlman

    Wife wanted her abusive husband dead. Rather than killing him with a gun, or knife, she read this report that GMO altered grains could kill him. Husband loved cereal. Husband is dead. — Copyright July 2, 2014 by Mike “TracyReaderDad” Pihlman.  This is fiction, I think.

  • “Screaming Fan” by Mike Pihlman

    “Screaming Fan” by Mike Pihlman

    Introduction: Standing in line last night at the Brantley Gilbert concert in Stockton, CA we met a couple of really cool people.  This idea came from one of them.  It was a GREAT concert! —- Young Woman screams at the Brantley Gilbert concert. Man standing in front of her feels his legs wobble when she […]

  • “Nurse” by Mike Pihlman

    “Nurse”  by Mike Pihlman

    Nursing is a tough profession. Death, gore, and filth are normal. What is also normal is politics and vengeful head nurses. Day-after-day the Head Nurse was mean to her subordinates. While the nurses worked diligently and cared about their patients, the Head Nurse demeaned them. One day her head was found in the garbage outside […]

  • “Ricin Raisins” by Mike Pihlman

    “Ricin Raisins” by Mike Pihlman

    Sorry it has taken me soooooo long for another micro-horror story…. — Brian loves raisins.  His friend does not. His friends wife makes lunch everyday…including raisins. One day Brian was found dead in his green-doored office. One wife is happy, the other not. — Copyright January 29, 2014 by Mike “TracyReaderDad” Pihlman.  This is fiction, […]

  • “We Three” by Mike and Kristen Pihlman

    “We Three” by Mike and Kristen Pihlman

    In early 2001 we went to DisneyWorld in Florida.  Kristen was 9 years old at the time.  One day, she and I were sitting near the lake at Epcot when we conjured up (what we thought was) a great story plot.  We thought of several titles as well, one being “Me, Myself, and I”.  It […]

  • A Micro-Thriller Original Story: “Santa” by Mike Pihlman

    A Micro-Thriller Original Story: “Santa”  by Mike Pihlman

    I asked for, and got, my Christmas wish…. A shiny new 12 gauge shotgun… I was admiring my new present when I heard such a clatter…. The noise was louder than most and I was concerned about a burglar…. But I was ready… I saw a flash in the fireplace…. BANG.. Oooops….hey, kiddies, there is […]

  • “I Can Fly!” by Mike Pihlman

    “I Can Fly!” by Mike Pihlman

    S-P-L-A-T – Inspired by this months National Geographic cover. Copyright Sept 8, 2011 by Mike “TracyReaderDad” Pihlman.  This is fiction, I think.